Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Week

Well, the birthday party went off without a hitch. Except, we forgot candles. Renee & Jen made a quick trip to the store & the problem was solved. How can you forget candles for making birthday wishes with???? The weather started out great on Friday morning & got cloudier as the day went on, but NO RAIN! We made it through with a great fire & lots to eat & didn't get wet.

Here's Nick waiting to open his presents.
Noah went over & gave his big brother a big hug & said "I love you Nick, Happy Birthday". It was so sudden & quick & cute. I couldn't get a picture when he did it, so had to have them pose. Love my boys!
Everything was "Iron Man". Lots of Iron Man toys.
Of course Noah had to get a couple little guys to play with too.
Grandma didn't do too bad doing an Iron Man - thank you Google & Coloring Books. One thing about this one, once I got it drawn, I could fold it in half & cut it out so both sides looked the same! LOL I broke my new hand mixer making the frosting though. That's what I get for having 2 households & leaving the other one in Arizona! Nick looks like he was a happy boy.
Today I went out for breakfast with 2 of my girlfriends that were my former neighbors. We had a great time. Then we went walking around Warren & I found a long evening gown for one of the events for next season at our park. I think I'll need a lot of coaching to get involved, but what the heck. That's what old age is for. Who cares if we make a fool of ourselves at this age!?! The dress is really pretty & it was fun having girlfriends with while I tried it on. It was a 2nd hand store & I got a bargain for twenty bucks! Too bad I don't have some place special to wear it in the mean time! This was something I never got to do when I was a teen. Only one prom - borrowed my sister-in-laws bridesmaids dress; one wedding & I made my own dress! Always missed the trying on. Oh yes, I did do it for Renee's wedding, but I was by myself & it's always more fun with friends. Especially when it's a "cheap" store!

Today Tom had an interview for a job at Blair as a fork lift operator (just what he wanted & did before) at 2pm so Renee wanted to know if we could pick up the boys from school. We said sure. The boys had spent the weekend with us too. They still were excited when I picked them up. Tom was there when we got home & was talking with Bill. He got the job!!!!! Hurray!!! I'm so glad for both of them. Renee's is only 30 hrs. a week, but that's good for now & Tom's is full time & benefits after 90 days! Praise God. God is Good!

When the kids moved into their new house they couldn't get their queen size box springs up the stairs, so today Dad & I bought them a split set of box springs. Didn't think we'd ever get Renee upstairs to look! Tom told her I was after the boys to change their clothes when they came home from school, so she should go upstairs & change her clothes after work. She thought we were nuts, but she finally went up there. She was really surprised! They've been sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

So now Mom can sleep at night too knowing that things are working out. When do Mom's ever quit worrying about there kids????? NEVER!

Until next time..............The Traveling Cardinal's

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