Friday, May 21, 2010

Waiting for Birthday Party

Again, I'm a bit behind!

Last Saturday night was the Frewsburg H.S. Prom. This is the owner of our campground's son, Ryan, all decked out & ready to go pick up his date. Pretty handsome guy. He could model for Golf Pro! He looks "more at home" with the golf club his hand! I haven't talked to him this week to see if he had a good time or not. We didn't get to see his date as she was running behind at the beauty salon. You know, it's a "girl thing"!
This is a picture of my little garden. Really it's part of the campground, I just plant flowers around it & put my stuff in it & call it mine. I take care of it, so I guess it's a "shared" garden. Besides, it gives me a chance to pull a little weeds now & then so I don't miss my old home so much. I love flowers, so always like to have a little color around the trailer too.
The flags fly just as nice here as in Arizona. This picture has the US Navy flag flying. Since my son, Mark, is deployed, I said I'd fly that flag for those 7 months, then go back to "We Support Our Troops" flag. I think we have to buy another flag pole for AZ. Hmmmmm....I don't want to cart that back & forth!
Sunday afternoon we went to my nephew David's for his son's 16th birthday. Happy Birthday Justin. Some of the dining room furniture (buffet, lamp, china closet you can't see, table & one chair on the end) belonged to my mom. Nice to see them being used by family.
Tuesday evening we got a call from my girlfriend, MaryAnn, saying they had an accident right up the road by our campground, could we come up & visit with them while waiting for police. We said sure thing. A girl stopped for the stop sign, but then pulled out & hit them as they were traveling from Jamestown to Warren. Good thing he wasn't about 100 ft. farther or she would have T-Boned him. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the other girl's car was in much worse shape. Also, thankfully she was just pulling from the stop sign.

MaryAnn & Dan's car.
This week has been busy. My sister & I went shopping for wall paper for her kitchen. Found some, but was too dark so she took it back & she got some other lighter paper. Next week I'm going to help her get that done.

Wednesday I had lunch with 6 of my co-workers from WSH that have all retired. We had a great time. Yes, I took my camera & left it sitting on the kitchen floor the whole time. Found it when I was ready to leave! Can't wait for us all to get together again.

Tonight, Friday, we are waiting for Renee & family & her friends to come for a birthday party for our grandson who turned 7 today. Grandma had to make his birthday cake today. He wanted Iron Man on it. Well, now Grandma is way out of it. Thankfully, I could Google it, & he had a coloring book so we got a pretty good cake out of that. I'm glad he said just the mask/face would be good. I'll post pictures after we have the party & I download them.

We've been getting reports from friends in Oklahoma about all the tornadoes they've had & the hail. I'm sure glad I'm in NYS.

Our friend, Sandy, who has had so many pancreatic problems has been cleared by her doctor in AZ & will be traveling home to NYS tomorrow morning. We will be praying for safe travels & no problems with her health as she travels.

Tomorrow is our daughter Renee & husband Tom's 11th Anniversary. So we are babysitting after the party tonight until Sunday morning. I hope they have a great day & weekend. And many more years to celebrate too.

Right now the sky looks awful iffy. It's been cloudy all afternoon so I hope any rain holds off until after our party & wiener roast.

Want to welcome new followers "Celebrating 20" to our blog. They are planning a trip to celebrate their 20 years of marriage with a family trip to Alaska. Welcome Aboard Eric & Diana.

I also updated our Rig's picture. This is our current location - Hidden Valley Campground, Kiantone, NY.

Until next time..............The Traveling Cardinal's


LaVon Baker said...

Your Okie friends are getting a break from the tornadoes. We sure hope it last the rest of the summer!

Bob and Snookie said...

Why didn't that cake slide off?

Peggy & Bill said...

I don't know Snookie - it was an ice cream cake too!