Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Perfect Memorial Day Weekend

What a beautiful 4 days we had leading up to & including Memorial Day! I can't remember when we had such warm, sunny weather for that many days on a Memorial Day weekend!

It was a busy time leading up to the weekend. On Thursday morning I met my sister, Romayne, at the cemetery to plant flowers on each of our relatives graves. She is so loyal at carrying on the tradition of the family of doing this. God Bless her! Bill & I went over on Sunday afternoon to give them a shot of water & those darn little critters had ate all of my rose bush blossoms off my miniature rose bush I planted & broke off several of the flowers we planted! Now I think I understand why so many people use artificial flowers!

The rhododendron in front of our trailer was at it's peak over the weekend. (Rain last evening made it look rather glum this morning). This picture was taken on Thursday, so it came out more during the weekend.

The pansies & petunias are starting to mature a little more. It takes a little time, loving care & some Miracle Gro!
A little breeze to show off our colors - American & Navy. Thank you Son for your service! God be with you & your shipmates.
On Saturday, Papa wanted to take the boys to the Russell, PA Fireman's Jubilee Parade. It was full of fire trucks, short & great. Not too long for little ones to sit & get impatient. Afterward we went to the Chicken BBQ. Yummy for the tummy. Of course, Nick didn't want chicken, so he had a hot dog & was as happy as a lark with that. But....Papa bought an extra dinner so at least Nick could have a dessert. Yup, chocolate cake was the choice of the day for those 3 boys! Grandma had a brownie with nuts!
Praise! Fellowship passed out red, white & blue balloons. We didn't loose them either.
The first of several trucks, rescues & ambulances.
I love the sign - but the music???? Naw, not like I remember roller skating! The old Russell Roller Rink (where Bill & I met & skated a couple times a week), burnt many years ago & has been replaced with a newer version on a different site. By newer version I mean......no wooden floor & no organ music. I'm not sure what they call "skating" anymore. I think it's more movement of the body parts & not the feet! LOL
Fire Rescue
Soap Box Derby - These boys are a former co-workers kids. Okay, we have to have a John Deere, after all, this is "country" that we live in.
The young man in the red shirt is another friend of ours' son, Mr. Dart. I'm not going to put a name as I can't remember!
On our way down to pick up the boys on Sat. morning to go to the parade, we drove down our old street in N. Warren. Bill had told me when he came by the other day, the Amish were cutting down the 3 big pine trees in front of our former neighbor's house. It looks sooooo different. The corner fence & flag pole was our former front yard. Looking down State St.
Swanson's (formerly Nicholson's) & Swartz's. Some BIG houses in our old neighborhood!
Monday dawned a bright & beautiful day. A tradition for us, if we are back from AZ in time, is to attend the Memorial Day services at my old childhood church & then proceed to the cemetery for the American Legion's program there.

This is my cousin Ruth & her hubby Jim's car, decorated for the procession.Renee & her 2 boys in front of my childhood church. The boys were so funny once we got inside & sat down. They said, "where are the rooms"? The only "room" addition from when I was a child is the room to your left. Think about it - we didn't have indoor plumbing! We used to have to go "out back" & you know where. This little church still does not have running water, so you know the facilities are "chemical"! Of course, the boys had to try it out before the service was over! Probably more out of curiosity than need!
Noah by the sign.
It was a little hard to get good pictures inside because of all the heads & the lighting, but I wanted to get a picture of Cleora reading the Honor Roll of those veterans who are buried in our little country cemetery. She has done this for many, many years. A tradition carried on from her family, as her mom used to do this. Thanks, Cle.
Most of the program is music & readings. This lovely young lady sang acapella - what a beautiful voice & what talent Ms. Cass.
Here my cousin, Mary, is announcing the next song for all to sing & Betsy D. is accompanying on the piano, with my brother (hard to see except a little of his head by the piano) on the drums. This is the same piano I played for many years as the church's pianist, until Bill & I married & moved to N. Warren & joined the Presbyterian Church there. Betsy's dad sang at our wedding. A voice that compares to no other & is sadly missed each year.
Outside everyone gathers & receives a flag from Cleora to walk to the cemetery. The gentleman in the wheelchair on the left is the pastor of the church, Rev. Rhodes. I'm not sure if the other is a brother or a son. The gentleman in the tie, is Mr. Bill Cass, judge & speaker of the day.
Still some very able bodied walkers. A lot of the older generation now ride/drive to the cemetery. My daughter Renee, on the far left. Grandma & the boys are hiding from the camera.
Getting ready for the service at the Fentonville Cemetery.
Gun salute. The field behind the car & little tool barn belonged to my dad. I remember that hay, oat & corn field for many years. If you click on the picture, I think you can see the old hand pump just to the left of the tool barn. This is how we water the flowers at the cemetery. My parents are buried to the right of the POW-MIA flag with the red & white cross in the front of the stone.
This is my oldest brother's grave. R.I.P. & Thank You.
The horses across from the cemetery come running up to the fence to listen in & give their respect also.
From past to present - My son, Mark, aboard the USS Cole, somewhere off the coast of Africa. Thank you son, for your 18+ years of service to our country. We are proud of you!
This is one of the pictures taken on the ship & posted on their Face Book group. Here he is trying out his new camera. Doesn't like it as it has too many automatic features he says & the flash quit working. I love his crazy hat! But it certainly looks just like him! Miss ya son.
This is one of the pictures he took with the camera. Not much scenery on a ship other than ocean, coastline & sunsets. That's what he likes - he doesn't take pictures of other people very often. He's a nature lover.
We spent the afternoon enjoying a picnic with Renee, Tom, & the boys & campground owners, Becky & Randy. Renee & Nick went to the pool, Tom & I took Noah (who doesn't like the pool) to the creek to play. We weren't there very long & it began to get black & thunder, so it cut our "play time" short. It didn't rain for quite awhile....more noise than rain. We eventually did get some & had to come inside. Just enough to wet everything.

After the kids left, Bill & I watched a Hallmark movie, then he showered & went to bed & I watched another one.

Today Bill had an appointment to get his hair cut but when he got ready to go he couldn't find his keys so he was going to take mine. Well, he found them........in the truck, in the ignition, with it turned on!!!!! He put the windows up yesterday afternoon when it was going to rain & forgot to take them out. Yup, you guessed it.......dead battery!!! He was so mad at himself he went for a walk. After Tuesday coffee, he got someone to jump the truck so he is off to get his hair cut. I think senility has set in - for both of us! Can't remember anything, nor where we put it!

Until next time..............The Traveling Cardinal's


LaVon Baker said...

Your Mark is SO handsome. Please tell him "Thank You" for me for all his years of service and sacrifice. I love his sunset picture.

Peggy & Bill said...

Thank you! We think he's pretty good looking too, but then we are prejudice. I will send your comment on to him.