Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Fourth of July Weekend

I've jumped from one holiday to another. Have just been too lazy to write on my blog. It's one of those summers where I don't think I'm doing anything of interest to those who may be reading this.

Life is coasting along. I'm going to be brief with the writing & short notes about the pictures. We are doing well & having a good summer. The temps have been up & down, but basically it's been good.

Here the Penn-York Square dancers are enjoying their time spent at the campground with a night of dancing. Pete & Marcy, our friends from N. Warren have their backs to us.
This is a picture of Warren State Hospital where Bill & I both worked & retired from. It was only a couple blocks from our home before we sold it. This is the main entrance to the hospital.
This is a section of the hospital to the right of the entrance & another section is further to your right. It extends to the left as far & also the towards the back. There are several out buildings as well. It's like a huge college campus.This is my former boss, Bobbie. She retired on June 11th. Does she look happy??? You Bet!!! Congratulations Bobbie!
These are two of my former co-workers & this is looking into what was my office from my bosses office. The file cabinets weren't in there when I was there. That is where my desk sat. The gal peaking around the corner, Kathy, just bought a 5th wheel & they want to do lots of traveling & possible full timing like we are.
Former co-workers Mary & Gary.
Daughter Renee & Nick in the water with another boy playing ball at the campground.
Noah doesn't like the pool, but he loves the sand boxes!
Papa is teaching the boys to play horseshoes. They were pretty good.
Nick learning to keep score.
Papa's turn to throw
Last weekend we had the boys from Thurs. through Sunday at the campground. They had a great time. Sat. afternoon at 5pm there is always a wagon ride if the weather co-operates. Here Papa is going to help Noah up on the wagon. Nick is on already & as soon as I snapped the picture, I jumped on too.
Saturday evening took us to my sister's to see my great nephew's wife Amy & her two little ones, Emma & Ethan. Here Emma is having fun swinging with Noah (Hoss's look alike) & Nick. Those boys had more fun with those hats & the toy cap gun that my sister still has in her toy box.
My sister's neighbors were riding back home on their horses & they stopped so the kids could see them & pet them. Here is Nick, Emma, Grandpa Randy, Noah & Jeremy.
Great, Great Aunt Peggy with Ethan. What a happy, sweet boy! Does he look like he just woke up??? Must have been a great nap because he was all smiles.
We are now coming to the celebration of our great country - July 4th, Independence Day. May we remember all our troops, wherever they may be, support them, pray for them & give them your thanks! Our military, past & present, is what makes us so thankful & proud of the independence & freedoms that we can rightfully enjoy today. God Bless them all.

Our salute to our son - the only grand child of my parents to serve his country. Yes, we are proud of him. Next year will be 20 yrs. for him & that is something he can be proud of. He is currently serving on the USS Cole somewhere off the coast of Africa in 122 degree heat. Keep them safe until they return sometime in the Fall. They are past their half way point (Hump Day) & are all looking forward to being with their families again.

3rd from left is son, Mark
These are the Chiefs who are serving aboard the USS Cole. Our son is 3rd from left (again).

This time Mark is in the middle with 2 shipmates.
We received this picture in an email this past Tues. Wow! Yes, Mom cried! I love you son & THANK YOU! Come back to US soil soon! God Bless.

Until next time................The Traveling Cardinal's

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