Saturday, August 16, 2008

Catch Up Time

Shame, Shame on me! I've been neglecting my blogging & I've been told several times to get it updated! Well, I guess the day has come!

Since I was last on here we have attended both sides of our families reunions & had a great time catching up with everyone.

We have taken our 5th wheel back to where we purchased it to get some minor items taken care of & hopefully some "warranty" items taken care of. Don't laugh too loud at that one! If you know what warranty means, there are a 1,001 definitions! I only wish they would thoroughly explain that one PRIOR to purchasing! They are not defined or designed for Full Time Traveling RVer's either! Enough said on that one or I could fill the page & then some!

So that brings us to this weekend. Today, we visited most of our neighbors in N. Warren during their annual Trash & Treasure Sale days & ate N.W.V. Fire Dept.'s great Chicken BBQ. It's surprising how quick 2 hrs. can go in our old neighborhood!

Bill is currently playing in the Horseshoe Tournament at Hidden Valley C.G. That's why it's time for me to sit here & peacefully catch up, while listening to my music. I still haven't figured out how to get music onto my blog yet from my favorite play list that I have on my Windows Media Player. I did sit here & figure out how to get them on my MP3 Player that I walk with.

This is my last week to relax & enjoy camping. Last Fri. was my last day of Latrine Queen. What a relief! It was nice to earn the extra money, but tiring for my body! I have to save my energy for this next weekend with my grandsons. We will be leaving here on Thurs. morning, Aug. 21st to travel to Bar Harbor RV Park in Abingdon, MD to visit our daughter & family. The little ones keep asking if we are coming yet. It will be a long winter & spring without seeing them for 9 months! They will be so big when we get back next year!!!

The weather is already starting to feel like Fall here in western NY/PA. We even saw a few leaves on the trees turning. We have this beautiful big pool behind us & I've only been in it 3 times! It says a lot for heated pools. Seems like the places with the coolest temperatures don't have the heated pools! I know, we didn't either.

My sister, Romayne & husband, Bob & daughter, Dee & Randy, traveled to Michigan to see her other daughter Deb & family this weekend. I hope they enjoy their trip. They deserve a great time away from home & a visit with their kids that they don't see very many times in a year either!

Here are a few pictures I've taken over the last couple of weeks:
Donna, Larry, Romayne, Bob & Bill at Wiltsie Reunion, Aug. 2008

More Relatives at Wiltsie Reunion, Aug. 2008

Den & his Ice Cream Golf Cart complete with music!

Beautiful sky at campground right before rain

This is a CUTE view at campground!!!!

This is the view we see on our way to Lakewood/Jamestown, NY for our Thursday night hot dogs. Coming from Baker Street down towards Southwestern Central School looking out over Chautauqua Lake. It always looks like the road on the other side should be connected, but this isn't where they ended up putting the bridge across the lake. It just looks like the obvious place, but it wasn't the shortest span. Our Thursday Night tradition, Johnny's Lunch Hot Dogs with sauce! The Best!
Diane (owner) & Bill chatting
Gus in the kitchen working

Nephew, Denny's, Ice Cream Stop, The Igloo, in Frewsburg, NY

Sunset from Sister, Romayne's house on Oak Hill in Frewsburg

Bullock Reunion, Bob, Sonya, Baby Eric, Mark & Suellen, Aug. 2008

Denny M, the Auctioneer. Who Bid WHAT??????

Dave E, Denny & Barb M, Linda M, & Melissa B.

When we went to have work done on our trailer, Bill & I needed to find something to do & we decided to go for a drive. We ended up in East Aurora, NY where Fisher-Price products come from. It was neat to go into the store. Found some bargains too!

Jay from Lime Lake Marine & RV who worked on our trailer, took us to his dad's farm. Took us right to the corn field for fresh sweet corn! They have over 1000 head of dairy cows. This was just one of many pictures. Many in pasture & several hundred more in barns. They milk 700 & when I was growing up I thought 36 was a lot!!!! But then, they don't have to carry the milk in pails anymore like we did!!!!

This is Lime Lake. A beautiful place.

Well, that brings us pretty much up-to-date. Sorry I get so far behind. I'm trying to get a Swedish Weaving blanket done before I leave the campground so my friend, Deanna, can show me how to finish it off. So I guess I could use that for one excuse. But if I can find one excuse, I'd find many, so I guess I'd better not start!

I don't believe the next RV Park we are going to has Wi-Fi, so I may not be able to keep up-to-date unless I journal from my daughters. So I know there won't be anymore pictures.

Until next time......The Traveling Cardinal's

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Don and Shirley said...

Way to go. You got us caught up for sure.BTW, good to see you guys today.