Friday, August 1, 2008

Not a very dedicated blogger am I???

Since it's been awhile since I wrote an update, I'll keep it short.

On the 26th of July we celebrated Christmas in July. Everyone had a great time. Kids loved their ride on the wagon with Mr. & Mrs. Santa. On Friday night, about 12 of us went Christmas Caroling from trailer to trailer. Brought back lots of memories of doing this in N. Warren. The park was so full, 4 guys on motorcycles (older guys) camped across from the owner's house on the grass next to the horseshoe pits! They all had their own little pup tents & little chairs. Never heard them leave the next morning! Of course they didn't have Harley's! They really enjoyed our Christmas caroling too. Even took our pictures.

Devon with Mr. & Mrs. Santa

Elf Becky Q - Love those shoes!

The week has been hot for a few days, then we get rain, then hot & humid again. Normal ol' NY/PA weather! Can't believe the weather man & they all cover their butts by saying "scattered thundershowers" or "a chance of....". I usually don't worry much about it because when they say 60% we don't get it & when they say 20-30% we usually get it!

This past week Bill completed his "honey dipping" job. It got to be a little much for him with the hotter weather. If I had been smart, I would have given up my job too, but being the nice person I am, I didn't want to leave them without a worker too soon in the season. Since this is a family campground in this part of the campground, August is the time families try to get those last minute vacations in. So my last day won't be until Aug. 8th. We will be leaving here on the 11th to go to Lime Lake Marina & RV (where we bought our trailer) to get ALL (I HOPE) issues with the trailer taken care of.

This weekend is the Jimmy Buffet Parrot Party. I have my Caribbean (Hawaiian) costume ready. Bill won't let me wear what I wanted, ya right, like I'd dare do it anyway! But I do have a grass skirt, a flowered top, a lei & the rest to wear. He said I'd better wear the blouse! Weight Watchers hasn't been that good to me, I don't think I'd dare do it either! Still have some belly fat to get rid of!

Will have pictures of this weekend on the next post.

The shots I had in my back last week helped about 1/100th. Needless to say, won't be here to take the next step in treatment, so I'm hoping just giving it a rest after I quit working will help a lot.

Tomorrow morning our friends Dee & Jerry are going out for breakfast with us & then to do some quick shopping. I need a new bathing suit really bad & Bon-Ton is having a great sale starting at 9AM. So I want to be there when the doors open. I saw a suit I liked in there, but I'm not willing to pay the price they were asking, so I'm looking for a bargain.

Wed. night I went shopping at Salvation Army for my blouse for the party this weekend. I was so excited when I found something that would work & it was half off. That means I paid $1.50. When the sales girl told me everything in the store (except yellow tickets) were 1/2 off, I went back in & bought 3 sweaters for my grandsons. I was really excited. They were almost new. I'm one of those bargain hunters & I hate to shop!

Just want to wish Snookie a Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry girl, I'm even behind in my reading! Had my nose stuck in a couple of good books again!

Time for a shower & to bed!

Until next time..........The Traveling Cardinal's

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