Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where Did The Week Go????

Since we couldn't reach our friend Tom M. on the phone today................HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY to a very special guy! Can't wait to see you guys back in AZ!!!!!!

Yesterday was our daughter, Renee's birthday. A VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY TO A VERY SPECIAL GAL! Hope the men in your life made it special too! We miss you & will see you very soon!

Gosh, where did the week go???? I swear retirement & this life style of full-time RVing is like going down a mountain road without brakes!!! It seems like just yesterday I was looking at Monday with the hum-drum attitude of another week with just cleaning & resting.

Well, the hum-drum attitude stayed with me through the week on Mon., Wed. & Fri.-Sat. for cleaning, but whenever I think I'm going to sit down & relax, the day is gone!

Thursday was a fun day though. I spent most of Wed. evening getting ready for Thursday's lunch with my girlfriends! That was special! Then at the last minute, Marilyn decided she could come! That made it all the more fun. All four of us got to spend time relaxing, telling tales & reminiscing. Since we all worked together, there is always something to talk about. Especially since now we don't know hardly anyone who works at the State where we did!!!

While the girls were here, the doctors office called to see if I could come in on a last minute opening. Since it was for 3:30, the girls said fine, that would work. And since Bill wasn't here (you know, leaving the girls to do their girl thing), they gave me a ride to Warren. Bill caught up with me while I was still in for my exam after coming all the way back to the trailer, reading the note, & then coming back to Warren. Anyway, I got to go to the doctor 2 weeks early so he can start me on a series of shots. That made me feel a lot better. I was getting nervous that it would be too late in the month & the beginning of Aug., that we would be leaving before he could accomplish anything. Sounds like he will be doing the same exact procedure that I had done prior to March of 2001 (which was the last time I've had anything done). That makes me feel a lot more confident in a new doctor. So this Thurs. I go for my first shots. The only problem was I had to quit taking my arthritis meds & wow, I guess they were working! Oh well, soon to be over.

Yesterday the campground had a flea market going on. Didn't see anything I wanted. I have enough to haul around without adding someone elses stuff. I probably had some I could get rid of, but when I go to my daughter Renee's, she could use it more than it's worth to sit out there & not sell anything. I had enough of that sale stuff last year when we had our household sale!!

Today, Sunday, we took my sister Romayne & brother-in-law Bob out to a chicken BBQ in Ellington, NY at the fire hall. Boy was it delicious. First time I've ever gone to one that after they put the chicken on your plate you got to help yourself to the side dishes along with dessert! Made it nice because I could get as little as I wanted. I was good & even took Angel Food cake with pineapple for dessert. Of course, yesterday, at Nicole & Travis' wedding, I ate 2 pieces of wedding cake!!!!! That's what happens when they have chocolate & white, have to try them both!

It has been a beautiful weekend. A little rain off & on today, but not enough to spoil any plans. A little cooler tonight....not so sticky.

Tomorrow night our friends, Cindy & Denny, are coming down for a fire & supper. Depending on the weather, whether we have hot dogs or grill something better. 60% chance of rain, so it probably means we will grill.

Next Monday night a couple from our old hometown are coming to talk to us & ask questions about full-timing. I'm sure we won't have all the answers as a lot comes from experience, but it will be fun to talk with them. They sound like they have been doing a lot of planning, so I hope they don't give up before they start.

Well, bloggers, I took my camera with me today & when I went to take my first pictures......ya dummy me......dead batteries & I didn't bring the spares with me! Oh well. We did see 2 fawns right at the beginning of our ride through the country on our way to eat! Might know! You can bet they are in the charger right now! I guess I don't think about how often I need to charge them. As I said, the weeks go fast!

Okay, don't think I have anything else to write about. So until next time......The Traveling Cardinal's

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