Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last Days in Michigan

On the last couple of days in Michigan, I took Bill around to some of the places my oldest sister, Arlene, had lived in Michigan. It doesn't seem possible that she has been gone 3 years already. When I was around 12 years old, I visited for several weeks with her while she lived in this town, Bad Axe, MI. I only remember a few things about the town & since we all know that in 50 years buildings are torn down & more modern ones are built, things change drastically. The A & W I remember was gone. I remember getting the little glass mugs from there. I think you used to get them when you got a float. Souvenirs gone by!

View of Downtown Bad Axe
going toward N. Van Dyke St.
This is the motel that was right beside where she lived. My mom & dad stayed at this motel when they would visit the boys & her. It used to be called the Hacienda Motel. I can't believe that it still looks the same though. My sister lived in a trailer out behind the building next door. Nothing there today except trees & grass.
Bill & I ate here in Bad Axe. We also have a Peppermill Restaurant in Warren, PA. Thought we'd try it out to see if they were similar. Good food in both places.
Michigan finally had some dry days that they could get their wheat crops harvested. Some of the fields have lots of water sitting in them.
Lots of Big John Deere equipment in this area.
We then took a ride to Lake Huron & Harbor Beach. This was another town my sister had lived in. I was only about 7 or 8 when I visited here.
This is the same beach (and it might even be the same playground equipment!) that we played at. After all, the equipment was metal & it still had the old metal slide!

A picture just for you Denise. Have you been to this one??
After leaving Harbor Beach, we traveled back along Lake Huron until we got to the road to Sandusky, MI. There are many, many homes for sale along the lake. Times are hard. It's a wonder they didn't run out of "For Sale" signs in the area.

We had a fun day of looking at various campgrounds & just riding around reminiscing. Back to Deb & Gary's in time to make it for Pizza Buffet night in Marlette. Tomorrow (the 30th) we will be heading back to New York State for a stop at the trailer dealer for testing on our awning before more repairs can be done.

Tune in for another update coming soon..............The Traveling Cardinal's

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