Sunday, July 26, 2009


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On Saturday morning, Jim, Pat, Bill & I took off for the Farmer's Market in downtown Midland. We were running a little late so we were hurrying to get our fresh fruits & vegetables bought before the market closed & before those darn black rain clouds let loose again. We made it. Got some delicious looking goodies. Oh yes, Bill had to buy bread & cookies. They not only looked good, they were good!!!!

It began to sprinkle, but decided to take in a few of the stores in downtown. This way if it rained hard, we could duck into a store. We purchased a few things here & there. Three of us enjoyed looking, poor Jim, the non-shopper, was very patient. He's an excellent chauffeur though. Thanks, Jim for putting up with us! After dodging the rain, we folded up the umbrellas & hit the pizza/sandwich shop. What a great place to eat! Darned if I can remember the name though! I could find it again, but couldn't name it.

Then we were off to the Fairgrounds for the Antique Festival. I said we would be safe here as we didn't need to buy any antiques, we already had them! I believe there was about 10 acres of vendors! Talk about aching back & legs!!! But it was so much fun. The sun came out & it was actually Hot. Again, Jim was very patient. Even though we weren't actually shopping, it was fun to look & reminisce. That shows your age! Never found my Pyrex bowls nor Roger's Whirley Industry mugs! We will keep looking Roger! When we get home in August, they have sale days. If we don't find them there, Bill has already checked with his nephew who works there about seeing if they have any. We might have to buy a case! How many hands do you need to fill with coffee mugs????

Well, we said we didn't NEED to buy anything. The word being need! But right at the last booth on the way out we found the man with the flags & poles. Well I had bought this cute "Happy Camper" flag in Frankenmuth & I needed a pole - one of those PVC pipe ones that twirl around. This guy had them. But Bill said, I want the other kind. Now I know what he was talking about, but I didn't think he was thinking about buy "that" kind. Well, we got such a good price, before we left we had a telescoping pole that goes under the tire of the rig including the flag, the PVC pipe pole & 2 free flags. Now all we had to do was figure out how to get them in Jim & Pat's little Chevy. No problem. We got it in & Pat & I just sat real cozy in the back seat! Now we can fly those big flags on special occasions & our regular flag everyday that it's nice! I love to see that red, white & blue flying in the breeze!

We came to the trailer first to drop off our purchases & goodies, then took one load of laundry to Pat's. Bless you dear! Thank you. Only 2 more small loads to go. Jim again cooked a delicious meal. Oh, not by himself though. He had help from Pat as she made the delicious pasta salad in the morning! Can't give the guys all the credit. Bill said he furnished the bread. Spent all day in the kitchen. Ya right! But that zucchini nut bread was out of this world. Seems like you get so hungry for it this time of year!

Today, Sunday, we met Pat & Jim for church at 9:30am in downtown Midland at their home church. It was a very meaningful sermon & several times throughout the day we would chuckle & remind each other just what the sermon was about. A half truth is still a lie! and... Ephesians 4:32 - Be ye kind, one unto another.....

When we told Pat we were coming to visit we asked if they would do us a favor & go with us to Lansing for a late lunch after church to meet our friends from Hastings, MI that live at Superstition Sun with us. They said sure. So we ventured to Lansing to meet with our friends Marquita & Ray. Originally we wanted to visit them in their hometown, but they are in the middle of getting ready for a huge garage/estate sale. We all know what that is like. Extra company at that time is not a welcome site! So we opted for a leisurely Sunday afternoon lunch. Ray picked the restaurant & it was delicious. Italian food, but I had Mexican. Yes, Tom M.......Taco Salad! It was huge. None of us had room for dessert either. Bill brought half his dinner home! He likes those left overs! The name of the restaurant was Guerrazzi's. This is the inside of the dining room. A replica of the Mackinac Bridge. See Francis, they have them everywhere!
Marquita, Bill, Ray, Jim & Pat
Marquita, Bill, Ray, Peg & Pat
All except Marquita
The Cousins - Jim & Pat, Bill & Peg
Outside the restaurant - Ray, Marquita, Peg & Bill
Okay, Jim, a close up! He was afraid you couldn't see what we looked like! Well we can see those clouds. I hope we make it home.
Fortunately we made it all the way home with no more than a few rain drops. It rained a light shower after we got inside then quit.

Bill & I got back to the trailer around 6:30 or so so that Jim & Pat could have a restful evening without company. We need to give them a break! Tomorrow is another day & will be our last day in Midland.

We have had a great time. Pat has been asking for us to visit for several years. She said Midland is on the way to nowhere. After all the running around, she may not want us back for awhile. Again, she might see us sooner than she thinks! LOL I won't say where until we know!

Can you believe it?????? This is the last post & I am "Up To Date"!!!! Hope you enjoyed our travels as much as we did. Thanks for being a follower!

Until next time...............The Traveling Cardinal's

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