Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our First Day in Midland, MI

We found our way to Cousin Pat & Jim's home in Midland, MI after getting the trailer set up at the Valley Plaza RV Park. We couldn't fit in the first assigned space as there were too many huge pine trees. We scraped the side of the trailer with one while driving the truck into the other. Finally had to ask them to put us in another spot. The second choice was much, much better. These people who work in the registration offices sometimes don't have a clue! Even with reservations for a 40 footer, they don't think. Oh well. They just have one less branch on one of their trees!

This is Pat & Jim's home. It is beautiful & in such a quiet, peaceful, wooded area.
This is their back yard. I could look at this out my window & off my patio every day couldn't you? EXCEPT in the winter!
Pat moving chairs so we could gather around the table & chat. Oh she looks like her mom!
Jim telling Bill the history of building the homestead.
The next day we spent walking around the beautiful Dow Gardens. The Gardens were initially developed by Herbert H. Dow, founder of Dow Chemical Co., on the estate he shared with his wife, Grace, & their family. The Dow family, through the Herbert H. & Grace A Dow Foundation, continues to nurture the Gardens which have grown to 110 acres & includes some of the finest horticultural displays in the Midwest.

Since Jim is a retired chemist of Dow Corp., he was familiar with many of the facilities that the Dow family & corporation have contributed to this community. It truly is a beautiful, small town atmosphere community with lots of activities.
This was on the wall of the Visitor's Center & Gift Shop. I believe it is a kite. I'd love one! Along the beach................
Looking down the pathway you find Jim, Bill & Pat. Notice the huge rocks/boulders. That is not native Michigan. Remember......Michigan is surrounded by lakes, thus sand. So any rocks you find in the gardens have been brought in from some where else. (Probably PA......we have plenty!!!)
Beautiful man-made waterfall
I could just throw out a blanket, get a good book & lay here all day!!! Isn't it peaceful looking?
I know I won't remember names of the flowers, so please forgive me. I didn't study horticulture & I can hardly remember the names of the flowers I used to have in my own old garden in PA. But this beautiful daisy type flowers had purple centers. They were gorgeous!
In the conservatory we encountered several of these beautiful little yellow birds in a cage.
Outside were varieties of sunflowers.
Here a young mom or day care worker was having a picnic with several little ones.
Pat, Jim & Bill tried their best to circle this humongous tree. It lacked on more set of arms to reach around it.
Can't you just picture a bride walking down this beautiful flowered pathway?
Interesting enough....these pretty flowers were called "Arizona Sun".
To each of you, I send a rose!
And another!
Okay, Dee, this is for you. I found the perfect project for your Day Care! These were just darling. Since this was in the Children's Garden, I'm sure they had a class that made all of these. There were about 30 of them. They probably brought old clothes from home (some were even Halloween costumes), painted faces on burlap, put on a cross stick form & stuffed with straw. The varieties were unbelievable, as were the faces! I guess I missed putting in the picture with the ballerina dress & the Cinderella with the beads!

We picked a beautiful day to be outside. Needless to say, my legs were aching along with my back by the time I crawled into bed.

Jim & Pat have been wonderful host/hostess to us by cooking our meals each evening. I can't decided if they make great friends or great relatives! Thank You!

Again, until next time.............The Traveling Cardinal's

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