Monday, July 20, 2009


I will try to get everyone caught up a little at a time. Don't expect miracles, but truly I hope to get back on track here soon.

This is Renee & the boys traveling ahead of us on our way to PA/NY. The boys took turns riding with Papa & Grandma in the truck until we got to Sheffield, PA. We had to stop & get the trailer inspected & Renee & the boys went on ahead to visit her friend, Kathy. This is going through the beautiful Allegheny National Forest in Northwestern PA. But you got to "watch out for those deer"!

This is where we stopped to get the trailer inspected. One of the "old blue buses" that once hauled Renee's Marching Band equipment was sitting there. Gave the boys a "little high school history" of their mom. Renee, Nick & Noah
Finally, we are getting to play at Hidden Valley Campground. The boys brought their scooters with them & were able to get out between the rain drops to play. This is Nick riding on the tennis court.
Nick, a playmate camper & Noah on the other little guys bike.
Noah & Cayne getting a ride from Nick
Noah traded in the scooter & was trying his hand at tennis. We had fun playing that game. Balls were flying everywhere.
Mommy was playing ball with Noah & Nick
It's obviously Fourth of July at the Bullock's Camper. Thanks Dee, the Red, White & Blue decorations worked great!! I love them & finally got to use them!
Papa even get into the act of playing ball with the boys. Looks like Noah was looking for the ball up his pant leg!!
My guys! Papa, Nick & Noah. I think Nick needs a bigger chair! What long legs he has. Track star maybe????
Nick might be the track star, but Noah's going to be the football player or the comedian. Like father, like son! Yes, he certainly is Tom's son!!!! Love Ya! But here, they are both being silly with the new Baltimore Orioles hats Papa bought them.
When we were in New Mexico, we came across the biggest marshmallows that I'd ever seen! Just had to bring them home for the boys to try while they were camping. It makes quite a s'more!!! But on the 4th at the Rudolph's camp, Ms. Amy found some in "New" Erie, PA. So I guess it is a "nation wide" marshmallow.
Man, this camping is tiring!!! I think we wore Nick out with all this fresh air!
The adults are still eating mountain pies, but the boys are ready for bed! I think Papa lost his chair to Noah!
The following Monday, I had a doctor's appointment in Erie, PA so we got to take the boys to Lake Erie. First time for waves. They loved it. It looks like "picture perfect" weather! Well, not quite. The water wasn't too bad, I got my toes in, but the wind was pretty strong. The life guards were keeping a pretty close watch on the swimmers & the orange flag was up. But the boys had a ball. Nick looks like he's golfing!
Nope, digging!
Look at this cool dude! Noah, you are a cute one! See those little pink arms? We'll get the belly tanned up yet.
Both my boys are cute!
Mommy's walking in the water but didn't put her suit on. The boys are "ready to go"!
Noah, Renee, Nick
What fun!
After spending the day at the beach, we had made arrangements to meet & eat supper with my "long, lost friend", Marnie! Oh thank God for Google! Renee helped me find her & we had a wonderful time! Didn't seem like we had enough time to catch up with everything, but that gives us an excuse to travel to Indiana & pay a visit to her SOON!
Bill, Marnie, Renee, Nick & Noah
Now sitting around the camp fire was tiring for Nick, but Papa got wore out at the beach & listening to the gabbing of the girls. His nose hit the table a few times before I snapped the picture! He always tells me he isn't sleeping, but now I have the proof!!!
The Wednesday before the boys & Renee went home, we took them to Midway State Park on Chautauqua Lake. As kids, we went there at least once or twice a summer for picnics & this was a treat for the boys as they had never rode rides before. It was a new experience. Noah loved them. Nick was a little more cautious. I think he has his grandma's stomach. He didn't get sick, but he said it made him feel like it & on the way home he had a headache. He was a pretty good sport though. He was just apprehensive in what he rode.
Never fear, I am here, right Noah?
Two boys in a tub, Nick & Noah. Yup, that's Papa watching in the back.
Good thing Mommy wanted to ride this one! She took Nick's place. He said No Way. We watched!
Nick had waited all day to ride the roller coaster. It was broke down & they were working on it. They finally fixed it before we left & they got to ride. He said he liked it, but he didn't want to ride again. Might be where he got his headache from.
A little more my speed! It was a boat, just not a "speed" boat!
All too soon Renee & the boys vacation came to an end!!! They were anxious to get home to see hubby & daddy, but Grandma & Papa had a hard time telling them goodbye. They had a great time camping & Renee had a great time being with her friends that she hadn't seen in a couple years. It was a nice break for them & hopefully we can all do it again sometime! Love you guys! Thanks for the memories. You make being a mom & grandparent very special! XOXO
That brings us up to our departure of Hidden Valley Campground in Kiantone, NY. Renee left on Sat. & we left on Monday, the 13th of July.

So until the next "catch up post"................The Traveling Cardinal's

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