Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Short Update

Just a short update to say all is well with the Traveling Cardinal's.

Haven't done a lot since the last post travel wise; unless you call running back & forth to Warren traveling!

Last Thursday was Girls Day Out with lunch at Maryanne's with Marilyn, Toni & myself. Enjoyed a great lunch, a glass of wine & the hot tub. Good thing it was overcast. The wine & the heat makes my body feel funny! Thank you Maryanne for setting the timer!! Also, thanks for a being a gracious hostess. It was fun & we always seem to pick up right where we left off!

Maryanne, Toni, Marilyn enjoying our lunch.
Maryanne & Toni relaxing in the hot tub.
Saturday was the annual Community Trash & Treasure Days in North Warren where we used to live. That is always fun. Didn't buy a thing, other than a chicken BBQ dinner prepared by the firemen. Great job guys/gals! Let me tell you though, I walked my legs off!!! I didn't miss too many tables, but I was only looking for ONE thing & if they didn't have it, I would just walk on to the next house with a sale. Sorry, Roger, I never saw one Whirley Industry coffee mug!!! I did look them up on the Internet & they were produced in 1973 so you have a "golden" mug there; you'd better hang on to it!!! Bill's nephew, Robert M. works there & he is still looking for us too. So we won't give up the ship just yet! My kids each have one, but I don't want to take theirs either. Since they are so rare, they'd better hang on to theirs too!

Sunday after church we went to visit my niece Donna & her husband Larry who has Leukemia. He looked a little tired, but he says he is doing better. Had a cold (both of them) but he said he feels a little stronger each day. That is good news. He doesn't have to go back to Pittsburgh for a month, so that is encouraging too!

This morning I went for breakfast with my other girlfriends from the old neighborhood. Again, we seem to always pick up right where we left off the last time we saw each other. Judy, Sarah & I have seen each other a few times this summer & we will all be together again before we leave. Sunday we will be at a baby shower for Judy's daughter, Kendra, & then Sarah wants to have a wiener roast some evening around the first part of the month.

Now is the time we are trying to hurry & get all our visits in with those we haven't seen yet. Time is running short. I'm ready to travel again. Anxious to see my little boys & daughter & then on the road again.

Since we had so much rain the bugs & gnats are out in full force here at the campground. You can't even stand outside & talk without them being in your hair, nose, ears, eyes, & if you aren't careful, your mouth! It seems every August they come out & seem to hang around until the first frost. I remember raking leaves & they were everywhere then too.

They have moved one of the trailers that got flooded to a new spot & I believe another smaller trailer is to be moved tomorrow. The worse part is finding other permanent spots for them within the campground. There are several other trailers that would like to move their trailers too just because the bank to the creek is washing away so much. Another words, they are getting "too close for comfort"! I just hope we will be able to have a spot next year. I don't know where else we would go that would be convenient to each of our families. I guess we just have to wait & see.

Scenes from the trailer that got it the worst. Don & Sharon, thankfully, have a motor home to stay in.
This is how far the deck was separated from the trailer.
This shows how the trailer was washed off the frame.
This is the mud on the living room floor.
Diane washing out t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, etc. from Navy Memorabilia saved for Don's reunions.
Brad & Walt taking a break. It was HOT!
Jay, from Lime Lake Marina & RV came yesterday & installed our bigger motor for the jacks. Seems to work okay. The awning is still being temperamental & didn't work right for him while he was here, so he's going to call the company AGAIN! If any RVers are reading this & you are thinking about buying a power awning.......Don't!!!! Or if you do............don't hit a telephone pole, 'cause the next one installed won't work right!!!! Experience..........the best teacher!

We didn't have electricity or water (well water, no electric, no pump) this morning when we got up. According to one of the other campers, the township up the road didn't have it either, so I guess it wasn't just the campground. Needless to say, we didn't get our showers this morning. BUT, thank goodness we keep extra water in our fresh water tank just for occasions like this! So I at least got to wash my hair & my face! Bill is in the shower as I write this, I guess I'll get mine when he's done.

I said I'd make this short, so I'll end for now. Until next time...............The Traveling Cardinal's

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