Monday, September 14, 2009

Finally An Hour To Blog!

Before leaving NY/PA we spent lots of time with old friends & our families. The last weekend in August brought my sister's out-of-state girls home all together since last Christmas. We all got together with them for a hot dog roast despite the early day rain. David & Dee kept the fire burning between barrels with a cover over it until we all got there. It was great to see all the kids together. The bigger the family gets, the harder it is to get them all together. Almost impossible with grandchildren & great-grandchildren.

Left to Right - Youngest to oldest: Den, David, Deb, Donna, Dee, Romayne & Bob. Did you notice all those "D" names???? The middle initials are all the same too. No marking their underwear!!!
The last Monday night of August brought us back to our old neighborhood in North Warren for a cook out at Sarah's home. Not as many neighbor's came as when we left, but it was fun anyway. We sadly missed having Sarah's husband Bill with us, but we know he is in a better place. Rest in Peace my friend.
Front: Bill & Judy; Back: Bill, Tom, Barb, Sarah & Martha Judy is my friend that we met up with in Oklahoma on our way home. Gosh, that seems like ages ago!
On Wednesday, Sept. 2, we had Bill's brothers & sister & spouses for a cook out. It was beautiful weather. A great night for setting around the fire. Of course, you have to have a jacket, if not for keeping warm, to keep the mosquitoes & gnats away!

Helen, Wayne, Friend Bucky, Carolyn & Neil. Bill, Sandy & Bobbie were on the right side & I didn't get a good picture.
Thursday noon took us to Carolyn & Neil's for lunch with the whole family again. It was delicious & we thank her for inviting us. She is our mail receiver. They have had more than their share of medical problems so keep them in your prayers. Neil is facing one, maybe two surgeries.

On Saturday evening, the 5th of Sept., we were honored to be the toasters at our great friends 50th Anniversary Party, Pete & Jean S. Their children did a fantastic job of putting on a great party. From every corner of the USA they worked together! N. Carolina, Texas, AZ, eastern PA & western PA.
Jean & Pete ready to greet their guests.
This was a unique way to have a guest book. They put their wedding picture in a frame & had a gold pen for everyone to write a note & sign their name around on the matting. Very clever!
Ready to cut that beautiful cake. It was tasty too.
The Swartz Clan: Back: Tom, Jim, Bob, Bill Front: Kris, Mom & Dad, Kathy
Pete with his boys: Bob, Tom, Jim & Bill
Jean with her girls: Kris & Kathy
Sunday morning we enjoyed the annual Labor Day Weekend Pancake Breakfast at Hidden Valley. We got there a little earlier this time. It started at 9am sharp & at a little before 11 there was still a line to the corner of the building! They didn't run out though.
Randy Q the pancake flipper! Clair is just contemplating eating those pancakes!
Now this is a pancake!! Served on a platter. A special pancake for Al. A 15 incher! His wife says he likes to brag that he only ate ONE pancake!
Becky overseeing the production. Doesn't look like we'll run out of syrup. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, juice, & coffee for $1.00! Can't beat it!
Mel just keeps beating those eggs & Tom the pancake mix.
Sunday afternoon caught us eating again at a picnic in North Warren for old friends Doug & Ann W. He was the fire chief at N. Warren V.F.D. for many years as well as the fire chief at Warren State Hospital before his retirement. They RVed full time for almost 25 years before health reasons made it no longer feasible for them to do it. They spent their winters in Arizona too. So we aren't the first N. Warren residents to do this! I'm not sure we will make it 25 years, but I'm not ready to give up yet!
This is the sign for the new park across the street from where Doug & Ann used to live. It was the sight of the old North Warren Elementary School where our kids all went to school together. Then the church purchased it & made this park & parking lot.
This is the old school bell, the bricks & dates used from the original building.
The pavilion was finished this past year by members of our church. A great place for community & church activities. The playground remains in the background, now enclosed by a new fence.
This brings everyone up to the point of our departure from NY/PA area. We left at 7:30am on Tuesday, after Labor Day to head to Maryland to our daughter, Renee's. We are spending a couple of weeks with her & her family so we can enjoy our grandchildren before we leave for the winter. We arrived here safely. It sure seems different now that both boys are in school all day long. And yes, we had as much rain here as we did in NY!!! It rained all night Thurs. night & all day Fri. We are right on the river edge, so I was a little nervous, but though the ground was wet & soggy, the river didn't overflow! Thank God!

We have been busy in the first week, so I'll bring you up to date with that in the next post. It's past my bedtime!!! Besides, my zucchini bread is done baking, it smells great & now I'm ready to hit the sack.

So until next time...............The Traveling Cardinal's

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