Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend in Virginia Beach

Yup, you read it right! It was a spur of the moment idea. You know, one of those brain farts. Most of it worked out pretty well. We had said we weren't going to stop in Virginia Beach to see our son, Mark, & the grand kids, but since Renee hadn't seen her brother in almost 3 years, we thought it would be fun to get up early Sat. morning, drive down, stay at a hotel on the beach, see everyone & leave around noon or so on Sunday. So that is what we did. Once we found a hotel, we were set. It was Mid-Atlantic Shriner's Convention, so most all the hotels were booked solid!

Unfortunately Mark had duty on Sat. morning & then chiefs initiation Sat. afternoon, evening & Sun. morning that he couldn't get out of. That was understandable. But we did get to see him & the kids on Sunday for a little while. It was great being all together. The cousins were quite young the last time they saw each other & couldn't remember each other very well. Kind of like "long lost" cousins.

We left on Sat. morning at 6:30 to pick Renee & boys up. Got on the road around 6:50 & was in V. Beach by noon. Couldn't get into our hotel until 4pm (actually got in at 3), so we went to Redwing Park for our picnic lunch.

Renee, Nick & Noah at park after lunch
Papa just relaxing with the last swig of Diet 7Up
Finally..........the kids got to the ocean. I think the older kid was just as excited. Renee has always loved the beach. I can't say as I blame her. I could sit & read on the beach for hours; or walk along the shore line.

Nick, Renee & Noah
Either Renee thought it was cold or Nick did something funny!
Noah is a little more cautious, although he did go under once. The wave was bigger & stronger than he thought.
Renee takes her final morning walk on the beach. Oh the solitude!!
My special kids - Mark & Renee
And the special grand kids: Nick
Just the boys - Nick, Samuel & Noah
Can't get them all to be good at once, right Samuel?
Nick thought it was funny!
The Family Shot: Back: Bill & Peg; Seated: Mark, Samantha, Renee & Nick; Standing: Samuel & Noah
It was hard to say goodbye. It will be a whole year before we see Mark & the kids. He will be leaving to go back out to sea duty off & on until the first of the year, then for 6 or 7 months. God be with him & keep him safe.

We left V. Beach around 1pm & got back to Renee's around 6:30pm. Not too bad for the Sunday traffic. The kids did real good until about the last hour of the trip. Too much riding. We stopped for ice cream at McDonald's & to stretch, but even that wasn't enough of a break for 2 active young boys.

Papa needed a break, so Monday we let Renee & Tom be a family again & then I fixed supper & took it over tonight (Tues.). The kids wonder where we are when we aren't there, then ask us how come we are there when we do come. As I was walking out the door tonight with the empty bowls, Noah told me to bring something back tomorrow night for supper. I think he decided he liked squash & both boys liked the scalloped potatoes & ham.

It's hard to get in a routine for homework & supper when grand parents are there. Hopefully they will soon get the hang of having to get it done. I still think they have too much homework for Kindergarten & 1st Grade. After being in school all day, homework right when they get home is hard because they don't want to sit still any longer & they need a break. But, it will all work out. I'm just glad I'm not a student or a parent of a child in school in this day & age. Sure was different when I went!

So, that's what we've been up to. Until next time................The Traveling Cardinal's

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