Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Uneventful Day

We left Selma, NC this morning around 8:30AM. We had a little bit of fog & a few showers off & on, but nothing like yesterday. Otherwise it was a nice day. It got hotter & more humid as we drove south. I couldn't believe at 8:30 this morning it was 73 degrees!!!

We had a semi truck driver toot & wave to us a couple time today. I thought it might be my nephew, Ralph, but I don't think he drives a US Mail truck. MTI was the company on the truck, so I guess you can't really tell. The last time we saw him & he waved he was going into a weigh station. Then later he passed us again. We were in Georgia when we saw him last. Who knows, maybe it was just someone who thought they recognized our rig.

We arrived in Brunswick, Georgia around 4PM tonight. It is 90 degrees & humid. I can't believe we said we would go to Florida this time of year!!! Oh, I'm longing for the days in Arizona with NO humidity!!!!

We are in the middle of preparing supper & Bill is watching some TV as I write this. Last night was a TVless night. Tonight we have cable & Bill wants to catch up on his soaps so I have to figure that out on the computer later.

Ha! Ha! I surprised you all & blogged two days in a row!! No pictures though. Nothing looks interesting along an Interstate. All billboards or trees. I was ready to take a picture of several dead trees for LaVon but by the time the camera came on, we had passed them by. That's what you get when you travel 70mph!

So, until next time, hopefully from Venice, Florida................The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

Well, thanks for thinking of me. Trees, dead or alive, tend to be a blur at 70 mph. :-)
Avoid the flooded areas in Georgia!