Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Recuperation

Today I'm borrowing my daughter's computer to write a quick note.

This is Renee & Tom's beautiful Christmas Tree. So full & pretty. Too bad they fall so soon. Nick is getting ready to play his game on PS 2.
We had a wonderful Christmas in Maryland. The weather has been cold, snow, rainy & foggy, but today the sun is shining.

Wednesday morning Bill & I went to visit the school where Renee works in the cafeteria & then went to Nick's class room & helped the class make gingerbread houses. (on the left). Noah's class had already done theirs (on the right). We had so much fun with the kids in their rooms. In the afternoon we went with Noah's kindergarten class to a Christmas sing-a-long. The classes are grades K-2 & they did a good job of singing. They even sang Christmas Carols!! What a delight to hear a school can still be allowed to sing them. Renee's school is right next door & it is grades 3-5.
We got Renee & Tom a digital camera for Christmas. My boys are growing up too fast & Grandma doesn't get pictures of them often enough. Maybe this will solve the problem. Now Renee can email me pictures. Here is one of Renee that Nicholas took.
Around 6pm Renee & I went to pick up Hunter at his other Grandparents. He will stay here with them until Tues. night & then come back on Thurs.
Nicholas, Tom, Hunter & Noah (a little fuzzy). Still trying out the new camera.

The boys got squiggly worms & here Noah is putting it down Papa's shirt.
Papa sure can get them to giggle!
All in all we have had a wonderful time. Despite everyone (except me so far) taking turns with the stomach flu bug, we are doing great. It was so much fun to see the excitement of opening presents. What a difference from last year when we were pretty much alone in AZ. Grand kids make the difference.

Tomorrow evening we will be heading back to AZ where, hopefully, it will begin to start getting warmer there too. The nights are cool & the days are cooler than I like, but another week or two & it will be over & we will be warming back up & the rest of the country will still be shoveling. Sorry.

Hoping everyone had a Blessed Christmas & wishing you a Happy, Healthy New Year for 2010.

Until next time.....................The Traveling Cardinal's

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