Monday, January 18, 2010

Long Time No Blogging

I guess it's time I got busy & wrote something. I have no excuses except......Christmas, New Year's, Birthday celebrations are over; I got a new computer to set up, I've been partying, dancing, running here & that about covers it! My sister called & said "Don't you ever stay home?" Since I don't have to bundle up with boots & coats nor shovel my way out, the answer is NO, I don't stay home much.

We all know how difficult it is to buy teenagers Christmas gifts, but my daughter-in-law's mom hit the nail on the head. She gave our granddaughter a painting kit that comes with a video. Mark said she came downstairs a few weeks ago & said see what I painted. Wow! A beautiful job Samantha! Our pictures are a lot alike. The little girl in the picture has grown up a lot! I hope you continue to pursue art - you have a natural talent.
A group of 29 neighbors all went to the Mexican Restaurant, Nando's, one night for supper. Delicious & way, way more than you can eat. This is a few of those that went standing outside before we went in.
Bring on those homemade tortilla chips!
Part of the gang
John & Carol from Horseheads, NY. Carol has been very sick this year with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This was one of her better days & she was able to go with us. She reminds me so much of a friend back home, Cleora from my childhood town of Fentonville.
On Jan. 11th, the Big Band, Sweet Memories, played at the club house. We had 4 tables of friends all together. Had a great time. They played a variety of oldies. We all said this type of dancing will soon be a thing of the past. Our younger generations coming up don't have the opportunities to learn to dance like we did with our parents.
Phyllis & Tom, Gene & Faye
Don & MaryAnn (black dress), Jeannie & Buck in the red
Great friends, Ray & Shirley, Fred & Tom in background
Faith & Leroy (his birthday is the same day as mine, except he's 88!), Shirley & Ray, Jim & Ruby
Guess Who - yup, that's us, Peg & Bill
Special Friends, Roger & Camilla
Camilla's brother, Tom & his wife, Connie - We all shuffle together = well, both ways I guess.....shuffleboard & shuffle dance!
Bill thought he had to have another "surprise" birthday party. I hope he knows this is the last one. From now on I'll be more aware of what's going on. 2 years in a row, a surprise that does not make.

Look at all the cakes. And he knew I was on "The Biggest Loser" so he did do veggies too.

These are the beautiful roses he bought me.
Part of the gang. Represented from NY, NM, SD, GA, IA, WA & Canada.
This is the beautiful sweater my hubby bought me. I think this is the first piece of clothing he's bought me since before we were married! Great taste.
The weekend before my birthday, he brought me home this little miniature rose bush. It has tons of buds on it still.
This picture of my roses was taken on Sat. They are all opening up & they are still gorgeous. They even smell good. No droopy blossoms either!
Wednesday night we went to another dance which was country music. Had a great time there with many friends too. Gosh, two dances in one week & Bill even danced some! Made my week!

The past two Sat. nights we have played cards with our Georgia friends, Dave & Diane &
Frank & Mary Jo in one of the card rooms at the club house. The first night Tommie & Benny played with us too. That's one thing about a 5th wheel or motor home, you don't have room for 6-8 people. We've taught them to play "Tonk" or "31" & they love it. They've taught us a game called "Manipulation" & we like that a lot too.

Sunday was our 10th Annual Chapel Fellowship Dinner. The theme for this year was "Open the eyes of your heart" based on Ephesians 1:18 - "I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints."

Tables look beautiful.Joe & Alice K.
Everything is all lined up.
The gals are having fun getting ready - Nancy, Lois & Alisha
Okay, Alice, I think your job is done.
The feast begins - Good Food, Good Fellowship
We were blessed by the southern gospel songs from Dave Webb's Group. They got us laughing, clapping & beating out the rhythm from good old songs.
Sunday night, my friend Shirley & I again went to another Sunday Evening of Bill Gaither's Homecoming Video Concert Series. The music just keeps flowing. We are so grateful for Dick providing this Sunday evening music for us. There were quite a few there last night. I think the word is getting out to others in the park.

After the evening of music, Shirley & I have started having little "tea chats" at one home or the other. I miss those that I used to share with friends back home (Toni, Karen, Denise). We always solve the world's problems, well, more realistically, our own - at least for the moment.

Today started out a new week of exercise & activities. I have lost approx. 6-1/2 pounds in the last 2 weeks, so I feel good again. Nice to feel like my clothes fit a little looser.

I must admit, I'm having a harder time typing. The feel of my new computer seems to be so different. I love it though. Windows 7 is great (so far) & the speed beats my 5 yr. old computer by about 98%. I still have to download the driver update to make my old printer compatible with Windows 7. Hopefully I can get that done tonight.

All is well here although we are bracing for a week of cool, wet weather. Last year we didn't get this type of weather. All I can say is......maybe we will have more desert wildflowers this spring.

On may way to get a perm.

Until next time....................The Traveling Cardinal's

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