Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Week Gone By

I haven't any pictures to share, but I may be able to share a movie. Let's try it. Guess it doesn't work. This past week I went to a Movie Making Class. We did it in Windows Live Movie Maker & it was rather fun. But I guess because it's a movie & not a video, it won't post.

Last week when I wrote, I noted that Bill's cousin, Mary, was not doing well. We got word yesterday that she passed away Thurs. evening around 10pm. Our prayers are with cousin Tom during this time. There are no family members on Bill's side that live near him. Hopefully, one of the cousins might be able to make it when arrangements are final.

Bill has had a cold this week & has been coughing. I had a sore throat Tues., but was gone on Wed., then on Thursday I woke up & couldn't talk. Oh what a relief for some! LOL Today I'm doing a little better. Still squeaky, but can talk a little.

Renee went to the hospital Thurs. afternoon with pleurisy. She went the night before but wouldn't stay because she didn't have anyone to stay with the kids while Tom was working. I told her when she called me to get her butt back there. They kept her overnight & she is on antibiotics & a couple other meds to clear up the infection. We are assuming it was from the pneumonia she had. I told her she'd better take care of those lungs.

Mark will be leaving this next week for his 7 mo. deployment. I hope he has a safe journey & it goes fast for him. This will be a hard departure since the little one, who is now 7, has become his little buddy. He will be leaving truly a parent this time. We wish him well & will keep him in our prayers.

Next week I begin teaching 3 classes of Word 2003; the following week 3 classes of Excel 2003 & then the last week of the month 3 classes of Excel 2007. I think I have everything organized. I did one day this past week so I sort of got my feet wet. I know I will have some really great monitors for helpers though.

The weather has hopefully broken. We had sunshine yesterday & today. Temps were up a little, but not as warm as I like them. No pool time that's for sure. I did sit out & read for awhile yesterday. Thought maybe the sun would bake a little Vitamin C into my throat!

We have been amazed at how many more people have come to the park this year. Gosh, another motor home went down our street late this afternoon & Bill said 3 came in while I was at the store. Monday when I went down to exercise, there were 4 lined up to sign in. Today when I walked the park I realized how many spots are filling up. It's good to see. We even have had a few new people come to our Thursday night BBQ at the club house. That's always good to see. The tureen line is getting longer.

Hopefully this week we won't have so much rain (although it is calling for some) that I can get back to playing shuffleboard again.

I finished another scratch art picture for a friend back home. Our craft show is Feb. 26th, so will have to pick out 3 to show there. The Woodcarver's show was yesterday. They had a great crowd. Some beautiful work from these ol' retirees.

Well, I think I've run out of conversation. No humor to add so I'd better call it a night. Maybe next time I'll have something more interesting to write about.

Until next time.............The Traveling Cardinal's from sunny AZ

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