Friday, January 22, 2010

Wet, Wet, Wet

After the last two days of weather here in Arizona, I'm not sure if we are in the desert or back in "good old Pennsylvania" summertime. We have had some unusually wet, windy weather. Last night it was tornado alley. We rode it out in the trailer, but was tempted to go to the club house, just in case. We kept watching the weather on TV & they kept us pretty informed. There was the possibility that a tornado touched down near Scottsdale, but later it was confirmed not to be a tornado. Very strong winds. The Car Show going on had some major damage there; heaters & generators tipped over, cars were damaged & the tent blew down & parts of it onto the Loop 101 highway. This morning we found shingles laying all over in the road way here in the park, so I'm sure someone will have to replace or patch their roof.

My dear friend, LaVon, contacted me to see if we were all right. What a dear. They had high winds & were rocking in their 5th wheel all day & we got the brunt of it at night. She said she thought we were in AZ & not Oklahoma! We were all praying hard. We let her know we were okay after it all settle down. Thanks, friend, for thinking of us. Glad you guys were okay too. Our other friend, Jim S., from Sierra Vista checked on us too.

Here are some pictures I took of what once was our beautiful softball field. By the looks of it, they may not play ball there until March! So sad to see all this water when they work so hard to have a nice place to play.

This is the dug out & home plate (somewhere under the water).

Another view of ball field from home team bleachers.
This is the doggie park on the East side of the ball park. I wonder how many "floating logs" you could find????
More of the doggie park.
Looking toward Bud & Mary's trailer.On the curve by Bud & Mary's. Cute Sign: Boat Ramp - Access to Lake PooPooCaCa
As I write this it is raining pretty steady again. Bill hopes it rains all night & morning. He was on shuffleboard cleaning this week & he has only had to go down one day. After a rain & wind storm like we had, it is a mess. The dust makes everything a mess. You can't even see out of our truck windows unless you run the wipers & washer.

Today started out with dance exercise & then exercise class. I sure hope this brings the weight off. I'm not ready for Dancing With The Stars yet either! Wow! Talk about cardio exercise. But.....I was the Biggest Loser last week & won my initial $5.00 back. Now I just have to work at not paying a dollar back if I gain.

Computer Club meeting went well. I have 6 classes to begin teaching in February. Not sure I'm ready to be a "teacher", but I think I can do it. I've listened, watched & monitored enough I think I can. As long as I can figure out how to run the Power Point program, I'll be okay.

Speaking of Computer Club & teachers......A Big Thank You to Alice K. for talking with me about her husband & her having problems connecting & using his older HP printer on his new Windows 7 laptop! They ended up getting a disk from HP to download the new driver. Yaaaa! It was the same as mine, so we split the cost! But most of all, I didn't have to buy a new printer! Tonight I got all new signs made for class sign ups & new sign-up sheets done & printed. Also contacted those who had signed up for Word '03. Hopefully I'll hear back from them. Next week will be busy with monitoring a class & I'm going to take a class on Movie Making. Never know what you might get for Christmas next year.

Next Friday I'm going to learn how to take a desk top computer apart & see what I can learn about the hard drive. Talk about "digging in". But you have to remember......I probably won't remember a lot of what I learn. No brain space left!

Tonight Bill went to visit one of his card playing buddies, Larry, who is in a rehab center in Phoenix. 3 of the guys went with Larry's wife & they had a little party in his room. He had a blood clot rupture in his 7th vertebrae & he is paralyzed from the middle of his chest down. His rehab is helping a lot. He has been able to get his hands partially working & has some feeling in the inner part of his legs, not to the touch, but inside. Hopefully, he will have full recovery.

Next week the park is having pictures taken, of anyone who wants to sign up & also for clubs, to make a new directory. That will be fun. It's always hard to put faces & names together. I remember our church directories & how much that helped to learn who people were.

Just had a phone call from Madison, WI, Bill's cousin, Brother Tom, called to say his sister Mary is not doing well & may only have another couple of weeks. She has an infected gall bladder & has been on a feeding tube for about 10 yrs. She is not able to endure surgery & has been in a nursing home ever since her dad (Bill's Uncle George) passed away. Please pray for a painless, quick ending of her life so that she can go home & live a peaceful, normal life with her Lord.

Well, I can't think of any other newsy things so I'll say.........until next time........
The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

Wow look at all that water! It's so strange how the water doesn't soak in out/down here. It just piles up and runs off with a vengence.