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Our Recent Visits & Travels

I've been neglecting my writing again, so this might become a long post. I'll try to keep my comments short! Now that's tough for me. I tend to get a little long winded as you might have noticed, either by reading or talking to me!

Here at Holiday Trav-L-Park in Virginia Beach several campers are getting into the Halloween spirit. I only posted one picture since you all know what pumpkins, witches & goblins look like.
The sweet Sound of Freedom is a constant sound we hear at this campground. In fact, when you leave, it's much too quiet!
Directly behind the campground is an equestrian riding stable for those with disabilities. I love to walk over to the fence & watch the horses.
One of the last few hibiscus in the park.
We've been in V. Beach for a little over a week & haven't gotten to see our grand kids nearly enough!! Mark was working long hours preparing to leave on a short deployment again & we didn't get to see much of him either. The Navy keeps him quite busy. 1 more year & he can retire. Maybe we can visit then!

Here Samuel & I take a break from playing to let Grandpa take a picture. He would rather make funny faces than smile!
While Samuel & I were playing, Samantha was playing with her dad in the truck. Mark was letting her drive around the closed off section of the campground. Good place to practice since the highway is 3 lanes of traffic in most places. Doesn't seem possible she's almost old enough to drive!
After spending a few hours with the kids before they all had to head off to church, we had to say those awful hard goodbyes again. Hopefully it won't be a year this time before we see them again! They grow up too fast.

We thought the kids had off school on Columbus Day the 11th, but they didn't, so Bill & I spent the day at the beach. No pictures. Been there too many times to take the same pictures again & again. We had a great day & the weather was perfect.

We left V. Beach campground around 9:30am on Tues., Oct. 12th to head to Georgia to see special friends we met in Arizona. We spent Tues. night in Spartansburg, SC & arrived in Pine Mountain, Georgia around 1:45pm Wed., Oct. 13th. When I called Dianne & David to say we were here & all set up, he said "is this for real? You're really here"? He must not have really believed we would come to visit! It was so much fun to see the "Georgia Boys" (David & Frank) as Bill calls them and their wonderful, friendly wives, Dianne & MaryJo. We got together Wed. night to go out for Mexican supper & then to play Tonk. Had a great time. MaryJo & Frank have a lovely home & made us feel so very welcome. Of course, between Dianne, Bill & I, we took all their money playing Tonk!

Thursday they were to pour cement at David & Dianne's new home for the driveway, so it was our day to spend with MaryJo & Frank. We had a great day sightseeing the Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park & The Little White House.

Here at the park, they have a swimming pool built in the shape of the Liberty Bell. Of course, being this time of year, it's closed & starting to fill with the falling leaves.
Next we stopped going up the mountain (hill) to look out over the valley. Such a beautiful view!
A little further down the road we come to Dowdell's Knob. You can read the information on the plaque. This was one of Franklin Roosevelt's favorite place to come for picnics & to just rest, relax & contemplate.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
If you click on the picture, you'll be able to read about Franklin's treks to this spot & his connection to Georgia.
Some of the best people in the world.....................Frank, MaryJo & Bill
This was a little BBQ spot we stopped to have a sandwich at in Warm Springs, GA.
Sign inside Mac's BBQ. Thought he was cute!
MaryJo & Frank. Bill's behind the tree.
After our lunch we continued our tour. Yup, that's right. It's not spelled the same, but it's pronounced the same. This is a buffet type restaurant that they say is very good, but $$$. You saw where we ate! :)
Our next stop was Roosevelt's Little White House, museum & pool.
Here again, you can click on the picture to read. The Little White House was in a remote little area that he loved to come to get away from his presidential duties. It is in this home that he died while his picture was being painted. The painting was never finished.
Quilt inside museum. Not the NRA you think of today. The National Recovery Administration can be read about at: in case you have never heard of FDR's New Deal. This was later declared unconstitutional through the supreme court system in 1935.
FDR's car with hand controls since he could not use the pedals due to his polio.
Click on picture to read the interesting facts about the spring waters that feed the area of Pine Mountain & Warm Springs.
FDR's stage coach
As some of you may remember, FDR was called "The Man of the Hour". Now some of the relatives reading this may remember seeing this clock sitting in their mothers, grandmothers, or my home. It now sits on the piano of my son Mark's home. I remember in my grandmother & grandfather's house.
Some of FDR's polio appliances
Walking between the museum & the Little White House, we did see a few trees with some color just starting.
My favorite, no matter the time of year. Holly is so beautiful. Just don't touch it!
The walkway supports flags of each state, a plaque stating the year it became part of the US & a piece of stone, granite, etc., native to each state. I took pictures of NY, PA, AZ & GA, but this is just from the beginning of the walkway. They are all in alphabetical order, not by order of entry into the union.
Walking down into the entrance to The Little White House. There is a sign "Bump Gate". Now being a blonde, I had to ask. Dah, Mr. FDR had polio & could not get out to open the gate, hence, the bump gate.
You touched it with the front of the car & it swing open either way.
The very simple, elegant Little White House.
Our beautiful good friends, MaryJo & Frank.
Here you can see how the rain/water comes from Pine Mountain, down the Hollis Quartzite, hits the Towaliga Fault & back to Warm Springs.
This is the spring fed pool that FDR swam in for therapy on his visits to Warm Springs, GA. The water coming in is 88 deg.

Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute founded by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1927, Roosevelt Warm Springs continues a tradition of compassion and quality care that spans 80 years. Entering its ninth decade as a comprehensive rehabilitation center dedicated to service, technological advancement, program diversity, research opportunities, continuing education and future development on behalf of persons with disabilities, Roosevelt Warm Springs remains a national treasure and Georgia "point-of-pride." Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation is a state-operated comprehensive rehabilitation center located in Warm Springs, Georgia on a beautiful 950 acre campus. Begun by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1927 to treat persons affected by polio, the Institute still remains true to its original mission today "to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve personal independence" as a living legacy to FDR. Each year the Institute provides rehabilitation services to approximately 5,000 individuals with all types of disabilities from all over the United States.
That concluded a wonderful day of history lessons. History is so much more fun when you don't have to read it from a history book & you don't have to take a test at the end of the chapter! Hurray for retirement!

But, although some people retire, some people retire & still continue to work themselves crazy! Not really, but David & Dianne, our other "Georgia Boy" have been planning to build a new home for the past 3 years. This year has finally seen their dream take shape. It is absolutely gorgeous. Of course, for us who live in a 5th wheel, it certainly is more room than I want or need, but it sure is a beautiful place to visit & it doesn't even have furniture or flooring yet!!! Can't wait to visit again, possibly in the spring!

Here is David & Dianne outside the front of their beautiful home. David made the stone steps of which both are very proud.
This is their home while building their home. Also their AZ home when we see them at Superstition Sunrise.
Before the driveway concrete was poured on Friday, Oct. 15th.
These shingles are maintenance free. Can you tell they are cement????? Look like wooden shingles even up close!
Front Yard
Looking toward driveway
This is a brick archway inset into the wall in the dining room. Something Dianne saw & liked. Those corners & mortaring upside down was a challenge. Her buffet will set in the inset.
The back porch fireplace
What a beautiful back yard looking out into a pecan grove.
Dianne just loves her little chandelier in the bathroom.
Too bad the neighbors are just on the other side of the fence. I could sit in this jacuzzi tub & read all day!
Front doors made by a man in Atlanta.
Looking from kitchen into living room.
Nice back patio. Door goes right into their master bedroom.
David said "I just need to cut this one more tile & get it in & then we can clean up & go eat!"
This was the end of our Thursday. We went to a Mexican Restaurant in town then went to play Tonk at MaryJo & Frank's after. Dianne cooked for us Friday & we ate at MaryJo & Frank's house & played Manipulation after. That's a fun game that we played with them in AZ too. Of course, it's suppose to be the low scorer wins. I had the highest. As you can see, I don't manipulate very well!

Friday & Saturday activities will follow in the next post. I promised Frank I'd get this blog updated yet! So here you go my friend. I'll work on the next post tonight after I download the pictures.

Until next time..................The Traveling Cardinal's

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