Thursday, October 7, 2010

Virginia Beach, VA

We finally said our goodbyes to everyone at our summer campground in NY & headed out on Sept. 29th. We stopped to have our tires rotated on the trailer & the trailer inspected.

We then stopped for the hardest visit ever! We visited Bill's brother in the health care center in Marienville. He was in pretty good spirits with us, but not his wife & daughter. It was a tough day. He was determined to leave; he even got his jacket & hat. So very hard for everyone. After our tearful goodbyes, we headed on our journey to Virginia.

We didn't get started from the health care center until around 2:15pm so we only drove to Bedford, PA. Found a nice campground along the river & Interstate but they were calling for 5-7" of rain. Thankfully they put us up away from the river! Needless to say it rained all night & we decided we didn't want to travel the next day either in all the downpour. Our son called us later in the morning & wondered where we were at. We told him & he said that was a good decision as V. Beach had talk of tornadoes & it was very windy. We said we would be there on Friday evening sometime.

This is a favorite place to stop on our way to Virginia. It's called the Virginia Farmer's Market. This time of year they have tons & tons of apples (& samples!). Of course after canning 28 qts. of Apple Pie in A Jar, I don't think I need to buy any more apples! But Bill couldn't pass up a Blackberry Pie!
Bill wanted to take my picture, but I wasn't feeling like a pumpkin, even if I look like one!
We had a beautiful ride on Friday, until we reached Williamsburg, then it was quite overcast, but thankfully, no rain. Visited with the grand kids Friday night & Mark & the kids came to the campground on Sat. Had a nice visit & fun. Samantha wanted to bake cookies so we did, but then I think Grandma at too many. Should have made her take them all home with her!

We haven't even been to the beach yet. The first couple of days we were here it rained, so we were pretty much "trailer bound". We did get sunshine yesterday so went to get groceries, prescriptions & a hair cut. Today has been a beautiful, sunny, warm day. I read most of this morning & Bill is just enjoying being outside & listening to the jets - The Sound of Freedom!

Tuesday night I finally got the ambition to get my curtains made for my kitchen in the park model back in AZ. Want to paint when I get back there & wanted to do something simple for curtains. My niece, Deb in Michigan, helped me with lending me her scrapbook stamps to make grapevines on napkins for my valance over the sink window. The only one I need something for. I bought 4 napkins & decided to use one for on the table, the other three for the valance. Here is my finished project:

Easy curtains, just lay them over the rod. No sewing, no nothing! Of course, they don't match, but what grapevines do? Every bunch is different, just like you & I!
I bought the wine bottle box from a lady back at the campground patio sales this summer. It just clicked in place for what I wanted to do. Now to just make it all happen.

Continue to keep Bill's brother & his family in your prayers. The doctor went down with the family last Monday night to talk with him. He told him if he would quit being so mean to his family, they could move him to a place closer to home. He said if he couldn't go home & he was going to die anyway, he may as well stay there & not be moving all over the place. If he could only comprehend what you are trying to tell him, it would make it easier on the family. He could be closer to home & they wouldn't have to travel so far. All we ask is for God to hear our prayers & answer in His time & His will.

So until next time..............The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

Good to see your post, but saddened about Bill. Praying for him and the family.

I'm so disappointed that you didn't let Bill take your picture in that chair. We bloggers can not pass up a photo opp like that, now.
Be safe and enjoy every minute of your journey.