Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Ending of a Great Winter & Spring

Our 2010-2011 winter season is drawing to a close. While many others have left long ago, there are a few of us stragglers still around. Then there are a few of those who only leave for a brief visit & then return.

I am anxious to get home to see family & friends. I miss the grand kids & can't wait to see them. This is when I sometimes wished that we flew instead of drove those 2600 miles!

When we return to the park next year, it looks like we will be greeted with at least a new entrance street. They began working on Palm Drive on May 25th. They closed the front gates & we have to enter & exit through the south gate. Each side street is blocked off along Palm Drive. Curbing will be added to the north side of Palm Drive & new drainage will be incorporated into the new paving. Katherine Hepburn will be repaved along with James Cagney.

Here you can see the front gated up with equipment inside the fencing.
I talked to this gentleman while he was tearing up Faye & Gene's drive where they park the golf cart. He said, don't worry, we'll have it all fixed up & put back before they come back. He was originally from Minnesota.
Beside Faye & Gene's looking down Palm Drive.
Working at the end of our street, Jimmy Stewart
That's one big hunk of cement at the end of our street.
On Friday, May 27, the park had a Memorial Weekend BBQ. There were about 50 of us there. Had a nice lunch - typical picnic lunch. This was Carol's last day for the summer. She is taking 3 months off.
Festive - Red, White & Blue
That was the last of our activities for the year. Now the hard work begins.

Saturday morning after Bill got his hair cut, we hooked up the 5th wheel & took it out of the park to go get air in the Trail Air hitch. Then when we came back we had to back it in front of our trailer since our street is taped off. You might know, Saturday it was 100 degrees!!! We got a lot accomplished though for being so hot.
Mona, Ed & Alisa came down & we played Golf at our place. I told them it was a good thing it was night time as it was pretty dark in the park model. I put the insulation in the windows on Thursday. Wanted to get it done early to help keep the heat out for Thurs. - Sat.

Today Ed picked us up for church & then we came home & started in again. Got a lot more done & a lot loaded. I even took out time to spend an hour in the pool. If felt great! Hopefully I can do the same tomorrow!
Even got the deck covered & the patio furniture put away. I guess I should make a list of what needs to be done, but I'll do that during the night!
Tonight after supper I went to Mona's to help her with her computer, then came home & did a few more things. Got the fridge wiped out ready to put food in Tues. morning. I'm beginning to see what I can bring back without having to move everything. We'll see what next Fall brings. Maybe, (that's only a "maybe") we won't bring the 5th wheel. We said that last year & changed our minds. But with diesel prices going up & up, we may have to make a decision to leave it behind.

So for all those traveling this weekend, maybe camping, we hope you have a safe Memorial Day Weekend & don't forget the reason we celebrate this special day -

t is a day to remember our fallen troops that have fought in battles WORLDWIDE.
Remember to thank a veteran, or someone in uniform who serves us all, doing military duty, answering their country's call. Just tap them on the shoulder, Give them a smile, and say, "Thanks for what you're doing To keep us safe in the USA!"

"And I'm proud to be an American, Where at least I know I'm free
And I won't forget the men who died, Who gave that right to me....."
- Lee Greenwood

Until next time...................................The Traveling Cardinal's

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