Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This is how we spent my Mother's Day 2011.

We went to Desert Chapel U. Methodist Church here in Apache Junction with good friends Mona, Ed & Alisa. A really nice service - like a little bit of home! After church they had a fellowship time with cold drinks or coffee/tea & cake. We sat & visited with other residents from our park who go to that church too. I asked Mona what they were doing for the day & she said probably her & Alisa would go to Wal-Mart. I said what? Ed's not taking you out for lunch? Well, it didn't take him long to change his mind when he found out we were going to Cracker Barrel!! We had a great time & a great lunch. It was nice to dine with friends. The conversation is much more lively!

Peg, Bill, Mona, Ed & Alisa
Notice in all these pictures the mist? I'd never been anywhere to see this. They have mist spraying to keep you cool out on the porch while you wait. Mona says they do this at a lot of places out here. I guess we've never been here when it's been hot enough to see it. I'm sure if you have natural curly hair you wouldn't want to stand too close!
After dinner (and shopping, of course), Mona, Ed & Alisa went to the Bass Pro Shop. Bill's knee was aching so we just came home.

I never get tired of seeing the designs on the sound barriers along the freeways.And the designs in the stones along the freeways.
The Oleanders are blooming everywhere along the stone fences of community living.
See, we do have green trees in our desert area! Lots of pretty yellow flowers too. Sorry about the power boxes, but when you are driving & snapping pictures, you take what you get!
And this is the most depressing picture I took!!! We have bought diesel here all year because they have always had the lowest prices. Well, not this weekend. When I came back from my ultrasound the other day I told Bill the price had gone up. It went up 14 cents since we bought it last week. But when we were riding around the other day, about 3 blocks from here at a Circle K gas station, it was $4.09 & this one was $4.29!! I can't figure it out!
After coming home I went to the pool for a few hours & Bill took a nap. Then we went up to play Hand & Foot with friends Faye & Gene. The first game was sooooo bad. Us girls had to concede. The 2nd game was much better, so we ended with a 1 - 1.

My skin has been drying out & itching after swimming so I've decided to stay out of the pool for a few days to see if it helps. Even showering after doesn't help. There is just no humidity here & you don't realize just how dry you get I guess.

This afternoon I went for my echo cardiogram. I think everything looked good because the tech said the doctor would read them before the day was over & if there was a problem he would give me a call at home. She said I don't think he'll be calling you. I think that was a hint that every thing looked okay. That's good! I still have to follow up with him though.

After leaving there we went to the Chevrolet garage. Mona had told us yesterday our tail light on the passenger side was out. Well, we not only needed a tail light we needed a light on the side in the front. It was taking them forever it seemed. Of course, you know they have to check everything. Good/Bad, I don't know. I only wish they would show you what they find. No more of the good old days I guess. Any how, they said we had a bad carrier bearing. Well, better to have it fixed now than somewhere on the road going home. So their valet service brought us back to the park & will come & pick us up tomorrow when it is finished. He told us a couple other things that need done too, but they aren't at the critical stage yet, so I think we can wait for summer for that. Always something if it's mechanical!

Yesterday when I talked to our son Mark, he said he was having something delivered on Monday. He said if I got it on time for Mother's Day I wouldn't know it was from him since he is always late in doing things. Well tonight when I went to go for my walk I saw the UPS man driving up & down the streets. I said I wonder if he's looking for me. We didn't see him again, but when I got back from my walk there was a basket of beautiful flowers sitting on my deck!! They even have my favorite Stargazer Lilies in it!! He was looking for our last year's address instead of our Park Models. The note from Mark was really cute. Thank You Son. That was the first ever from you. I love you!
Aren't they pretty?The miniature carnations are from my hubby from last week. The two roses are one from the luncheon (red) & one from church on Sunday (white).

Just want to ask my family & friends to keep our friend Tom from Iowa in your prayers. He is in the hospital again & having some serious difficulties with kidney/bladder problems. There is a real possibility he may have to go on dialysis. He has so many other problems & so much medication it is so difficult to regulate everything. Last year he was in for congestive heart failure & they are afraid of that again. Bless you Tom & we are thinking of you & keeping you in our hearts & prayers. Phyllis too!

I'm sure I surprised you all by writing this blog again! I've got to begin to keep it up to date so that when we travel I won't be behind. It's good to get back into reading every one else's that I read too. Some interesting things going on with them. Especially Snookie! She always has a great story to tell. She gives me my humor for the day! If you want to read some great stories, check out The Quinn's Awesome Journey. You'll laugh for sure.

So, until next time............The Traveling Cardinal's

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