Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Luncheon at Superstition Sunrise

These little quail run all around the park. They run so funny & make such a chattering noise. They are fun to watch. Almost impossible to get a good picture because they are so quick.
Friday, May 6th, the Activities Department put on a Mother's Day Luncheon for any lady who would like to attend. Tickets were $5.00. For five dollars we got a Salad with chicken breast, bread, wine cooler, ice tea/coffee/water, a long stem red rose, a chocolate candy, a votive candle, cake & a cup cake & an extra treat of a neck massage and nail painting. I think we all had a great time. It was very nice.

The tables were decorated with candles & roses that were given as door prizes. The girls putting on the finishing touches.
Friends - Judy, Connie, June, Linda & Pat
Friends at our table - Pat, June, Linda, Mary, Connie & Judy (Linda, Connie, Judy & I make up part of the pool patrol!)Rose center pieces/door prizes
One of the cakes for dessert
Cake table
The lady with her back to us on the right side was the next to the oldest mother present.
More of our gathering
Oh, how wonderful that felt! A neck massage & then off to the pool!
This gal & her mom painted flowers either on your finger nails or your toe nails.
I chose to have my toe nails done because I'd never done it before & my nails weren't in the best of shape that day. Sorry I have ugly toes, just look at the flower.
So see, I now am caught up with all my pictures on my blog!

Today Bill & I took our sweet neighbor Laura out for breakfast. She is the older lady that watches over our trailer while we are gone. I had a picture of her on here in a previous post. She is so delightful. We had a great breakfast at IHOP & then we went across the road to Power Square & went shopping. We were too early for most of the stores to be open, but she wanted to check on one store & guess what? It was open. Well, she didn't buy anything, but I did!! By the time I was done shopping the other stores were open. I haven't had this much fun shopping since I went with my Mom many years ago. She said she hadn't been out shopping that long in a long time either! I bought an outfit for Mark's retirement & a couple other outfits & then I shopped for my daughter Renee. I hope she likes what I got. For the prices (clearance & mark downs), I couldn't pass them up. Besides, Laura & I were having fun! Bill was a very patient hubby. He did buy himself a pair of shorts in Vanity Fair.

After we came home I certainly wasn't ready for any lunch after that big breakfast, so I grabbed my water bottle, by towels & noodle & off to the pool I went. Four hours of gorgeous pool time. No more than 6 adults in there at one time! Heaven!

Tonight we are just staying home & relaxing.

We got an email from friends in Iowa today saying that our friend Tom is in the hospital with some kidney/bladder problems. We hope he gets better soon & can get out of the hospital after everything is like it should be. He has so many health problems that when one thing gets out of whack, everything does. Keep him in your prayers.

Since I finished this up before Mother's Day, I'll again say........Happy Mother's Day to all my readers that are mommies. Have a great day & be blessed.

Until next time..................The Traveling Cardinal's


Lois said...

Thanks for all the beautiful pics. You are so great to Laura. Bet she ate it all up. Great to keep up dated with you

LaVon Baker said...

Those quail are very illusive and skittish. You got a good picture of one on the run.
Wow, there are still a lot of people at your resort!