Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well, not much is happening in the life of The Traveling Cardinal's now that we aren't traveling!

Weather in Western NY is still cold, damp & cloudy. A little sun peeking through this morning. Temperature was 37 deg. when we got up. There was a call for frost in some areas last night & there was snow in Jamestown, NY & Corry, PA yesterday morning. YUCK! My toes are never going to get warm & I have on heavy socks & 2 long sleeve shirts!!! I don't even have any pictures to send as it's not what you would call "pretty" with all the rain. Hopefully this weekend I can send some. Memorial Day services here at the campground with flag raising ceremony on Sat. morning & local services nearby. Let's hope all of you take a few moments to remember those who have gone before us & how much we have to thank them for!

Tuesday mornings are coffee & donut days at Hidden Valley Campground. Everyone gets together in the pavilion to hear about up coming events, activities, a chance to volunteer to help out where needed, keep track of those campers who need a touch of sympathy or are sick, etc. This morning we were told about a local gentleman who had passed away at age 95. He was one of the original NASCAR drivers & lived in Frewsburg, NY. You can go to www.nascar.com & read the story about him. His name was Lloyd Moore. A wonderful father & friend to many. He will be sadly missed by all those whose lives he touched.

Another friends Mom passed away yesterday that was a member of our church congregation in N. Warren, PA. I was asked to play the piano for the hymns & accompany the soloist at the funeral service. What an honor. I just hope these stiff, rusty fingers can still do the justice needed to accompany the praise to our Lord. Erla will be sadly missed by her family & friends as well.

On a happier note, I received word from my dear friend, Toni, yesterday that her son has safely returned to US soil after serving the Air Force in Iraq!!!! Praise God for that! This was the third time he has served overseas! Let's hope he doesn't have to go back again!!!!!

We had visitors yesterday. Friends here at the campground returned from Florida last week & stopped in. Without sounding rude, she is an "old" friend. Not so much in age, but she grew up in my neighborhood in Fentonville, NY. Her sister, brother & I spent a lot of time together growing up. Our favorite pastime was playing in the creek & eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches! To this day, I love those sandwiches. It's amazing how many times while we are traveling & we stop for lunch, that is my choice for a sandwich. Makes me feel young again! Wish that was all it took to make the body young again!

We are back to playing cards with my sister Romayne & her husband Bob on Thursday nights. This week it will be on Wednesday as they have to make a trip to Buffalo this week so we can't keep them up so late! We still play the same card games as we always did. Waiting for the right opportunity to teach them Hand & Foot that we learned from our dear friends from Iowa. We know how much Bob loves the sound of those card shufflers, so we have been waiting for him to get used to the idea that we need it to shuffle 4 decks of cards!!!

I keep looking out my window & looking at the great big pool out there & wonder.....will it ever get warm enough to get in it????? It's not heated either, so it might be August before getting in! I just hope we don't see ice floating on it. Oh Gosh!!!!! My husband just said the thermometer reads 64! The outside reader must be in the sun peeking through between the tires! I'm not getting the shorts out yet!

Going to help plant flower boxes tomorrow, so that will give me something to do with my hands. Of course, the mind will still be on retirement mode, but at least I won't have to fiddle my thumbs.

The Latrine Queen's job is going pretty good. Of course, the crowds aren't here yet. A quick check on them yesterday & I didn't have to spend the whole day working. If I keep it up on a regular basis, maybe it will be easier. I just need to get organized more. It's been awhile (over 26 years) since I did that janitor type work. The back tells me it's been that long too!

Well, I guess I'm just rambling today, so until next time.......The Traveling Cardinal's

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Bob and Snookie said...


Gotta tell ya! I love reading your blog. You do a great job of it. I'm so glad we got to meet while our rigs were being fixed and was able to introduce you to this electronic journal keeping.