Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend in Otter Creek Campground

What a great weekend we had! Saturday was a little cloudy & cool, but at least it didn't rain. Sunday was beautiful, not real warm, but could get along with a light jacket.
We brought Renee, Nick & Noah out to stay at PaPa & Grandma's camper for Sat. & Sun. Poor little guys have been trying to get over their coughs & colds. Grandma has been suffering from terrible allergies! I can't wait until the pollen is gone!!!
Anyone in Northwestern PA.............are the leaves out on the trees yet????????????
We roasted hot dogs & Renee & I made mountain pies & ate them after everyone else had retired for the night. Gosh, the campground was dead!!!! Apparently no one stays up past 9:30 & sits around the camp fire anymore! Are we out of date or has TV & Computers taken over our lives???? Well, Renee & I enjoyed it anyway. Even though I couldn't breathe or see! Then her & I went inside & played the old kids card games of mine when I was little & had played with my kids & now with the grand kids! You know.....Old Maid, Snap, Authors & Animal Rummy. Yes, I still have those cards from 1951!!! That little Noah can remember those names from Old Maid like nobodies business. Nick caught on really quick, too, when he came out on the weekend.
I'll have to catch up with pictures when we get back to PA/NY where we have Internet.
Bill is doing fine. I guess taking his allergy pills every day all year long helped him. I'm beginning to think I might have to do the same!
Today will be our last day with the kids. Tomorrow we will rest & get stuff ready to travel again.
Getting anxious to be back home with friends & relatives we haven't seen since last Sept.
After Renee went to the Dr. today for her check up, we took a ride to the campground that is only 6 miles from her. According to info we had, we didn't think we could get in there, but there were 3 sites that were available for the week in Aug. that we will be back down here. We checked them out & decided to take the one right on the river. The money we will spend for the week will probably be made up in time & fuel from traveling over an hour away each time. We needed to check it out now as summer is really filled up because of everyone fishing & crabbing (oh you know what I mean....we are in Maryland!!!!)
Okay, I'm getting punchy. Time to say so long until next time.
Getting anxious to go home & see one of my best friends celebrate her marriage this coming Saturday! A day that will be joyously celebrated as she has waited a long, long time to find that special someone! Hey, Denise, God Bless You on Saturday and your future life together with Dick!
So long...........The Traveling Cardinal's


Aaron said...

Leaves are mostly out on the trees....some are still small, but will soon be full. right now all the crab apple and dogwoods are in full bloom. Gorgeous this year for some reason. Missing you lots!

Renee' said...

Hi everyone just thought I would take a few mins and let everyone know, Mom and Dad are at their destination back home, they currently don't have Wi-Fi at this campground, it's suppose to be installed soon there but as of yesterday it's not in place. Not sure how many will read the comments but just wanted to let people know. Take care everyone.