Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday, Still in Maryland

Well, things are still about the same here. Nothing much new to report.

Weather has been cold & rainy (just like PA)! I've almost already forgotten the beautiful clear blue skies of AZ!!!

Nicholas has been fighting a really bad cold & missed Pre-K all week. PaPa & Grandma has had little Noah staying at the campground. Couldn't do much outside, weather was pretty crappy. We took the truck to the doctor on Thursday for inspection, tire rotation, oil change & new brake seal. Do I need a job!!!! Maybe I could work for a trailer or truck place!!!!!

Today Renee & I went shopping for her supplies to make supper for her once a month girls group. We then came home to make supper to take with us. It's fun to play, but the month you have to supply the supper, dessert, snacks & gifts, get pretty expensive. Especially in this day & age. We all are having problems making ends meet. Young families are the worse.

We will stay here at Renee's tonight & then take her & the boys out to stay overnight at the camp on Saturday. Sunday when we come back we will stay overnight & take her to the doctor on Mon., then head back to camp & get ready to leave on Wed. That will give Grandma & Papa a day to rest on Tuesday! Hope the weather is better!

Sorry we don't have any pictures to share right now. Will have to get caught up when we end up back at home base.

By the way, Bill talked with Mark on Wed. afternoon & yes, the tornado did go through the Naval Base at Norfolk. The siren blew twice. The first time they were on the 2nd floor then moved down to the ground level. Several items were thrown against the front of the building next to his, but his building seemed to be ok. He said it was about a block & a half wide. Most of the damage was done in Suffolk, VA. That is south & west of him. So we were glad to hear he was safe & out of harms way!

Have seen some of the most beautiful plowed fields in southeastern PA!!! Those Amish with the 6 horses out plowing & many, many other farmers were out this morning in groves. Finally quit raining long enough to get some work done!

Take care until next time.......The Traveling Cardinal's

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