Friday, April 25, 2008

Arrival at Daughter & Son-In-Law's

This was the sight when we were leaving Virginia Beach to cross the Hampton Bridge Tunnel. Quite foggy. It looks like the end of the bridge, but that is where you begin to descend into the tunnel under the water. Otherwise a beautiful blue sky & beautiful day. Too bad we had to leave so soon.
Oh my gosh, I thought when we stopped at the Rest Stop on the Westbound lane of Interstate 64 that the Loomis's were traveling with us!!!! Matt was that you, or was that your Mom & Dad trying to travel in disguise??????? Neat idea for your next truck though huh? Even had something with the duck emblem on the side window.
Well, today was a pretty nice day (Friday) with a little overcast. Very warm though. Stayed around camp until 11:15AM then took off for Maryland. This is one of the beautiful farm sights we saw on our drive in. Phyllis, these are the rolling hills of PA. Farmland, but not as flat as Iowa!

Very neat & clean looking farms for the most part.

Susquehanna River across the road from Otter Creek Campground, Airville, PA

Well, finally got the prescription problems straightened out! Even Virginia Beach messed up what we couldn't get there! They had my birthday as 20 years older than what I was!!!!!! When I looked at the bottle, it wasn't my right name, address or birth date!!!! REMEMBER......always check those labels before leaving the pharmacy!

Big accident on way to Renee's so little Nick was late coming home from school. But the little guys were sure surprised to see us! After we went home to their house, ate a little lunch & caught up some, Grandma gave the little guys & PaPa a haircut. They sure look cute! Even PaPa!!

Tonight Hunter came up & is now here for the weekend. I hope it doesn't rain so we can enjoy doing something outside. Right now Noah is sitting out on the deck with PaPa & singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".

Well, now Nicholas is getting anxious to see Grandma's pictures, so guess this will be a continued adventure later on in the week. Have to bring my computer to Renee's to keep up the blog.

Ok, so for now, that's it from The Traveling Cardinal's.

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Toni & Chuck said...

Glad you are back in the home state and hope to see you soon! Love ya, Toni