Thursday, April 17, 2008

Been a Long Time Since.....

Gosh, I can't believe how long it's been since I've had access to Internet! It's about time I got caught up with where we are & what's been happening. I think the last I wrote we had gotten through western Colorado and we were planning a little detour in our trip to the East coast!

Well that detour went great! Except it was cold & we saw some snow! Also, we had some LP gas that wasn't the right mix for cold weather & the furnace didn't want to work right! Good thing we had our electric blanket. Also, we couldn't get the generator to work so we didn't stay in any parking lots! Good thing there too!

As we were getting ready to leave Denver, we decided to pay our friends from Superstition Sunrise RV Resort a surprise visit in Iowa. That meant a detour up Interstate 76 (ROUGH ROAD) to Nebraska & over Interstate 80 to Iowa. That's right, went to visit Tom & Phyllis. Boy were they surprised when I told them we were only about 10-15 miles away. What a special couple. Had a great time visiting with them & playing Hand & Foot. Needless to say, the gals won on Fri. night & let the guys win on Sat. night. You know how that goes! Here are those special people:

Phyllis & Tom

We left Altoona, Iowa on Sunday morning to head back a little further south to pick up Interstate 70 again. The only state now that we missed in the midwest was Kansas. Oh well, someday, maybe. Sunday night we stayed in Illinois across the Mississippi from St. Louis. It was kind of rainy off & on but we decided to go visit the Gateway Arch in the evening. Harder to see & take pictures as all the stainless steel reflects from the camera. Not too much light on it & all the lower river walkways were flooded! Long way for Bill to walk from the parking lot. It was cold, too, so that made it hard for him to walk. But at least he got to touch what he helped make!!! Good ol' Dorcon in Warren, PA, did some of the press work of the steel that went into the arch. That was BWWM (before we were married)!!!! But it was neat for Bill to get to see it. It certainly was much larger than I ever pictured it.





We stayed at the park campground right next door

Well, Phyllis, this isn't Pennsylvania, it's West Virginia, but a lot like PA. These are what our mountains look like. Mostly all tree covered, not anything like AZ nor like the plains of Nebraska & Iowa!!!!! See what you're missing!

Hills/Mountains of West Virginia

This brings us up-to-date as of April 17th. We got in to Virginia Beach, VA around 3pm yesterday. Got to see those cute grandkids!!! I think Grandma & PaPa miss them more than they miss us! Hope we can keep you all up on what's going on. Should be a quiet few days until we leave here on the 24th. Except, of course, those jets that are the sound of freedom! Fly boys, fly! It's amazing how quick you get used to them again.

Until next time.....The Traveling Cardinal's

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