Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Busy Day in the life of The Traveling Cardinal's

Today was a half doctor day and a half cleaning day!

Took Bill to doctor first thing this morning. Had a bad night and morning. His lungs are filled up again & with the weather here in the East and what with the cold coming back from the West, he is pretty miserable. Doctor said he was worse this time than last Fall when we were here. Got him back on the 3 medications to get him turned around & hopefully all will be well again. He goes on Tues. to see the Pulmonologist, so we will see what he says.

Got to spend a little time with my little grandson yesterday, but he wasn't feeling great either. Must be the Spring bug for him too.

This afternoon I shampooed my carpets in the RV. Got rid of some of that Arizona dirt!! It was dirty too! Don't have any pictures for these events today, but I'm sure you all know what a doctor's office looks like & what dirty water looks like!

Just taking it easy & sitting around reading & relaxing for a few days. Back to what "camping" is all about again.

Talked with Great Niece, Traci, today & Niece, Dee, today. Dee & Randy are on way from NY to MD & then to VA. Will see them next week hopefully! Hope they have a safe trip down & know they are anxious to stop at Andrews AFB & see their little granddaughter!

This is all we have for today.....maybe we will have more exciting news as the weekend goes on. Campground here in Virginia Beach is really filling up this weekend.

Later, The Traveling Cardinal's

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