Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lazy Days in Virginia Beach

The last couple of days have been pretty dreary & rainy. Got washing done on Monday during the rain storm & then sat & sewed the rest of the day.

Bill went to Pulmonologist today & compared to last Fall, he was somewhat worse. Lower level of oxygen. No changes in medication or care. Just watch environment, smoky surroundings & breathing habits when he becomes short of breath. We will continue to live the "in sickness & in health" part of those marriage vows.

We will be leaving Virginia Beach on Thurs. & going north to visit Renee, Tom & boys in Maryland. We will be staying at a campground in Pennsylvania though, as the one we normally stay at was filled up on the dates we wanted.

The blog updates may be spotty as I'm not sure the campground is Internet Friendly. I haven't even been able to take pictures since we've had so much rain. Thought we might need oars this morning when we woke up.

We are waiting to have Dee, Randy, Traci & Dan come for visit this afternoon.

Just went outside to see if I could take pictures of those jets, started to sprinkle again & they go too fast & the cloudy sky doesn't help in finding them in that view finder! Maybe tomorrow.

So just another day of "relaxing". Sorry there is nothing new on the homefront of "The Traveling Cardinal's".

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