Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Last Day in Virginia Beach Campground

Well today was another "sort of" relaxing day! The sun finally came out & it turned out to be a pretty nice day.



Just a friendly creature out for a little stroll. Glad he wasn't looking at my feet for a snappy snack!

Went to stock up on a few groceries in the morning. Tried to get prescription refilled! What a joke!!! Have you had the experiences we have had in traveling & getting prescriptions filled???? I always thought a "Pharmacy" should sell drugs & medications and grocery stores food! What am I missing here??? Every time we have to get a prescription filled they either have to order it in or they send you to the grocery store pharmacy. What gives? Any clues out there?????? Why not get rid of the outdoor lounge chairs, ice cream, etc., etc., etc., in the pharmacy & make more room to handle the needs of the people who need medications!!!!

Enough. Bad day!

Dee & Randy came in the late afternoon to visit. Randy showed us his beautiful woodcarvings that he is entering in the World Woodcarving Contest in Ocean City, MD this weekend. Unbelievable work he does! They look so real. Nice Job! Hope he gets a blue ribbon!!!!

We finally got the snacks out as it was 5:30 & us old folks were getting hungry! Finally decided to go ahead & cook & everyone could eat as they arrived. We were a little late building a fire as that guy (Oh, Thanks Dan for the firewood & the fire!!!!) who was bringing the wood had to work late. So we cooked our hot dogs on the grill & then did the marshmallows & mountain pies over the fire. Samantha & Samuel did get to have their marshmallows before they left though.

Bill, Dee & Randy

Traci came & brought a tote full of food. I think she must have thought she was feeding an army!

Samuel, Mark, Samantha & Traci

Randy, Samuel, Mark & Samantha & Daisy the Doggy

Mark, Samantha, Samuel & Daisy the doggy came to tell us their goodbyes. Sad time again!! Gosh we say a lot of those!!!

Samantha & Samuel climbing in the tree
That's our little grandson, Samuel

Now that I've looked over the map & tried to decided the best way to get a big camper through all those little country roads in northern Maryland & southeastern PA, I think we are ready to roll again on Thurs. morning. Got bikes loaded today so the picking up in the morning should go fairly fast. Just the last minute normal things & it's not suppose to be raining either!!! Thank You Lord!

Well, until another adventure arrives, that's it for.........The Traveling Cardinal's

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