Saturday, April 5, 2008

On the Road Again

Well we are on the road again. This picture is just to make my daughter, Renee, jealous. I got to smell the lilacs before she did! Beautiful ones both inside the park we stayed at in Kingman, AZ last night & this bush was across the street as we pulled out of park. Sorry, Eener! (My son's nickname for her, Renee backwards!)

The sights were beautiful as usual. Cameras just don't capture the true essence of God's beauty! You MUST see it yourself. Thanks to Him, we are able to see it! These are the pretty orange flowers (Kind? - if you know, let me know) growing along Interstate 15 in Nevada.

Mountains in the Northwestern corner of Arizona! If you stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon & then imagine what is on the other side, this is it! Again, a must see! Some of the formations in the 2nd picture made me dizzy looking through the camera. Had to quit taking pictures & just look. The lines were so slanted it made you think you were going crooked on the road. Good thing I drove yesterday & this morning. Bill drove this afternoon. Of course, he didn't get to look when everything was amazing. He got the desert scenery to look at & I got the mountains. Oh well. At least we take turns.

This is the Virgin River (a little muddy & not too deep)

As you can see - The Traveling Cardinal's are still in one piece!

We are at Leeds, Utah for thee next couple of nights. Will be going out to Zion National Park tomorrow to take a tour around the park. Going to leave it to the shuttle service to haul our butts though. As I understand, some of the places are over 8,700 ft. Better let the Chevy have a day of rest! Besides, Bill and I can both look at the same time. Stay tuned for pictures of our next adventure - Zion National Park.

We may only pass this way but once. Let's see all there is to see!

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