Monday, November 17, 2008

Catch Up of Past Week

I guess I'd better get busy & catch up before we set out down the highway again.

This past week we have just been visiting around the Foley, AL/Pensacola, FL area. Bill and I went to the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, FL on Thursday. It was very interesting. They weren't giving guided tours except at 1:00PM so we gave ourselves the self-guided tour. We were pooped by 1pm! That was a lot of walking. In case you didn't know, Pensacola is the Naval Air Station Base for the Blue Angels. We never did see them while we were there.
Outside of Museum
Inside museum - model of USS George H.W. Bush Aircraft Carrier. Largest ever built. Home to 6000 military men & women. That's bigger than the town close to where I grew up in!!!
Helicopter hanging from ceiling (as were many of the restored aircraft). I told you Nicholas, you could hang your helicopter from your bedroom ceiling!!!!!
Just a small sampling of what was in the museum
More aircraft. Parts of old Navy ships were also there to walk through to get a feeling of the small living quarters
Blue Angels from top level
Blue Angels from bottom level
Fri. & Sat. (this past weekend) was their homecoming Air Show & we went with Bob & Amy to friends & watched from their front lawn. It was a very cold day. In the sun wasn't too bad, but the air was really cold. Bill & I had been to the air show in Oceana at Virginia Beach this year, so we didn't care that we didn't see all of the rest of the show. The Blue Angels put on a great show at the end here at their home base though.

The warmest day was on Friday. We thought we were going to the beach, but Amy had lots of errands to run & we didn't make it, so missed the 83 deg. day at the beach. We went to Pensacola Beach on Sat. right before the sun set. It was beautiful, but the weather was like being in a northern blizzard!!!! Very cold & windy. Needless to say, we spent approx. 5 min. on the beach!!! Long enough to snap 4 or 5 pictures & then we were out of there! We then went to a fish market called Joe Patti's. All types of fish right off the boat. Anything you can imagine. EXCEPT, the one that Bill & I like. Atlantic Haddock. Didn't see any of that! Hey Mark, I did see what a grouper looked like though. Amy & Bob bought shrimp to bring back to the house, so we had left overs & shrimp.

Isaac, Bill, Bob, Ethan & Amy

Another beautiful Florida Sunset behind the pier

Sunday we went to church with Amy & Bob, then I took dinner to their house. They invited a friend to their home & since our trailer is too small for a big group, we took the food to their house. After visiting for awhile, we came home & Bill watched the races & I read. In the evening, I went to church with Amy while she practiced hand bells. Got to see them in action & remember what I miss about my home church. It was fun to see another group practice. Just want North Warren Qadosh to know they are right up there with the top though!!!! In comparison, you are still #1 in my book! Miss you gals!!!!

Since we had received a free night of camping, we have decided to stay here until Tues. morning instead of leaving this morning. It's a good thing. The ol' back isn't responding well today. I've got the Icy Hot patches on one side & the rice bag on the other. Hard to sit or walk. A little of each all day & maybe I can get it worked out. It's a beautiful day, but rather cool again.

When we leave here we plan on going to Natchez, MS to tour some of the plantation homes in that area. Then work our way up through Louisiana, Texas & out Interstate 40. We are just praying there isn't a lot of snow by the time we get to Flagstaff! As long as it is off the highway, we will be fine.

Will keep you posted where we are. Until next time..........The Traveling Cardinal's

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