Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Snow In These Pictures

Greetings from The Traveling Cardinal's.

Today we traveled from Texas into New Mexico. Gained another hour, so those of you on the east coast are 2 hrs. ahead of us now. I'll try to remember that!

Sometime before we got to Amarillo, TX this is the sight we came upon:
A train wreck. Double high semi-trailers on this train. Wow, what a mess. Pretty close to Route 287 too. Don't know when it happened, but glad we weren't in that area when it did!

In 2000 when we traveled Interstate 40 we passed a sign that said Clarendon. I made a quick stop along the side of the Interstate, made Bill stand by the sign so I could take his picture. He was born in Clarendon, but that Clarendon was in Pennsylvania! Well today we got to go through Clarendon, TX. Population was 1974 (a few more than his hometown). These are some of the pictures he snapped as we drove through:

Clarendon Outpost

Clarendon College

First mountains of New MexicoScenery along Interstate 40 in New MexicoTalked with family members today. Everyone seems to be doing fine & putting up with the snow. Bill's sister is doing well from her heart surgery but has suffered some pinched nerves causing pain in her arm & back. Still no word on when her next surgery will be. Talked with my sister Romayne last night & her husband Bob has to have surgery in January. He has a growth on his jaw that has to be removed. Seems like it's always something with everyone. Age has a way of doing that to us. Hopefully everyone will have the winter to recuperate & be able to enjoy a great Spring next year.

We are staying in Santa Rosa RV Park in Santa Rosa, NM tonight. That is on old historic Route 66. I'm trying to convince Bill to hurry up & get to Apache Junction before the rain hits on Thanksgiving. Don't really want to set up in the rain & would like to get through the colder parts of the country as soon as we can. It's kind of a pain to hook up the sewage & water long enough to take showers & empty tanks then put it all away before night fall. They have been having some pretty bad frosts in the area so no one (including us) wants to have water & sewage hoses out in the cold elements. It's nice & warm in the trailer though.

Just a beautiful New Mexico Sunset
Well that about wraps up today's travels. Until next time........The Traveling Cardinal's

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