Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Sunny Day

The weekend has been beautiful with sunshine & clear blue skies. It's still a little cool though.

We went to the beach & walked yesterday. As long as you stayed in the sun it was nice. I'm still feeling a little under the weather, so I got cold faster than Bill. Hoping to get out & sit in the Vitamin D again today.

Saturday Renee sent me pictures of the boys & one BIG boy going trick or treating! They had a great time & then spent time with one of their new neighbors afterwards. The boys are the same age so they play well together. A few pictures of Halloween from Maryland:
Nick as Batman

Noah as Scarecrow
Nick & NoahNoah with Nick & Noah's Friend BaileyTom, the Big Boy going Trick or Treating with Kids

Ain't he cute?

Well, we didn't get any trick or treaters here, so I still have a bag of candy left. Maybe it will turn into Christmas candy!

Previous neighbors here at the campground stopped this morning so their grand kids could tell Bill the Pill goodbye. They are leaving around 2am tomorrow morning to head back to TN. Grandpa is going with them & then ride his motorcycle back. We are going to help them move their trailer when he gets back. The kids have all had the same sore throats & stuffed up heads that I've had over here. The gal in the office said she had it for a week too. Guess it's just going around.

Well, we've decided to move on. Yesterday we had to make up our minds what we were doing as it was time to pay for our spot again. We've decided we can't stand to sit around & do nothing any longer. We will be leaving Virginia Beach next Sunday, the 9th. Will head South, probably to Alabama. Bill really liked it there & we are thinking of visiting Amy & family again. Haven't told her yet so I guess this week I'd better send off an email to let her know we will be there sometime the end of the following week. Bill liked that Gulf more than he wanted to admit when we went to Florida! The white sands were beautiful.

Well, time to do up the dinner dishes & then find some sunshine. I think it is disappearing fast. Big clouds out there now. That's about it.

Until next time........The Traveling Cardinal's

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