Monday, November 10, 2008

Traveling - Finally!!

Well, the Cardinal's are finally traveling again!

We left Virginia Beach at 9am Sun. morning, the 9th. We started out with beautiful blue skies -- sure, after we've been sitting around in the rain, drizzle & cold for however long! It turned cloudier as we traveled southwest, but was still a beautiful day.

We stayed at the same county park in Salisbury, NC where my nieces & nephew, Kathy, Elaine, Lee & their families live. We arrived around 4:30pm. Good thing, the park closes at 5pm & we wouldn't have gotten in. Kathy came out to visit us with her 2 little ones, Sarah & Ethan. We made pizza & sat & gabbed until little Sarah was getting tired. I guess I was too, as I went to bed right after they left. 8:30 would you believe!!!!! Unfortunately Elaine was working & Lee & his family had gone home to NYS to visit his mom & other family there in Frewsburg. He called to say they got home around 3AM this morning, but we had already left.

We woke up this morning to a cold trailer AGAIN! Thought it might have been the trouble with propane again because it was so cold. But that wasn't the problem. One tank had run out, but we had blown a fuse for the furnace. So as we were traveling today, we kept watching billboards advertising RV Sales. The first one we got to didn't have any 15 amp fuses, but we did stock up on 20 amps. Then the second one had them, but it was a treat to get in & out of the area. I don't understand why when they build these sales/service areas, they don't allow for big rigs to pull in off the Interstate, get in & be able to get out easily. Again..........wasn't designed by a woman!!!

Since we had to stop so many times during the day, we decided to stop just before Atlanta, Georgia & are staying in Norcross, GA at a campground we stayed at on our way to AZ last January. Needless to say, it is a bit warmer than last time we were here, although it is suppose to get down in the 30's tonight. Thank God we found those fuses! We know He travels with us & He always leads us to the right place at the right time!

When we got to the park this afternoon, Bill got things set up outside & I got stuff inside done, then started supper. While I was waiting for the meatloaf to bake, I turned on the PC to read my emails & get the hometown paper up for Bill to read. His uncle had passed away last Sat. He wanted to read the obit. I only had 18 emails. Not too bad, mostly forwarded jokes. You know what you do with some of them!!! Anyway, we had gotten 2 emails from our friends Ricky & Donna that we left in V. Beach. She said he was moping around & missing us already. Didn't have anyone to pick on or bug. Poor Ricky! We miss them too! They were a lot of fun! So very glad we got to go out with them for supper before we left. It's doubly lonesome for him as Donna is working & the grandkids have gone home. Must be really quiet in that trailer now!

Tomorrow we should be arriving in Foley, Alabama area. Hopefully we can find a site at the park we stayed at last fall when we were there. Although, it is snowbird season, we might not be so lucky. If not, there is a big state park near there. Hopefully we will find something.

Otherwise, not much else going on, but it is nice to be moving again. Hopefully it will get warmer as we get closer to the Gulf. We have lots of time to get to AZ, but never know, we may get there earlier than we have to. We know there are plenty of activities to do when we get there, so AZ here we come. I told Bill yesterday, if he sees something along the way & he wants to stop, just holler. We don't have a timetable to follow. We have 3 weeks to make it to AZ.

Until next time..............The Traveling Cardinal's

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