Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Days & Busy Nights

I guess before I get too far behind I'd better do another update.

Monday I got a chance to run down to the Club House for Market Day & pick out a couple of Christmas gifts. So much to choose from. There are many busy hands working on projects here at the park. Some beautiful handiwork. I also signed up for a table for Christmas Dinner. I volunteered to do the turkey. Usually you have 16 people (sometimes up to 20) at a table. Each signs up for something on the list & everyone puts in a dollar towards the turkey. I love the smell of it roasting on Christmas. I think I'll stuff it even though someone else signed up for dressing.

On Tuesday morning I went to the ladies craft class (can't say what until after Christmas) at Kay's trailer. We had a good time. Met a lady from Ubly, MI. That's not far from my niece Deb & nephews, Larry & Bob. There are several people here from Alpena. Bill said he remembered that town from when my brother-in-law Boney played ball several years ago. We all had a great time. I had my project finished except the very end. That way I could put it in a Christmas box.

Tuesday afternoon I went to my line dancing class & we had quite a few still coming. Lost a few from the first class, but they might eventually return. Great exercise & lots of fun. Had our trailer & roof washed. Not happy with the job so of course I did it by hand. I think I'm a lot like Bob, right Snookie???? I'm particular about spots & streaks. I don't like black streaks & I don't like water spots. Oh well. I just wish I had the nerve to get up on the roof to do that myself. I don't like heights!

Wednesday morning we ran errands & got our Christmas boxes in the mail to the kids. Hopefully we sent them early enough they will get them before Christmas. Wouldn't want them to not get something from Grandma & Papa! Besides, there are Christmas treats in there too! We filled up the gas tank & diesel was only $2.19! Wow! I can't remember ever seeing that price! I think since we bought the truck! Gas is down to $1.55. Wish there were more snowbirds from PA coming to AZ! Hint! Hint!

Wednesday evening we went out for supper & played cards at Joey & Lyle's afterwards. Learned another new game. Now if I can just keep them all straight. On New Year's Eve about 20 of us will travel from trailer to trailer & play games then end up at one place for eats and ringing in of the New Year. Sounds like lots of fun. No driving either!

Thursday morning I started a Scratch Art class. I love it!! Bill plays cards on Tues. & Thurs. so that works out great. This will give me something to do at home while the football games are on. Also, it gets my nose out of a book & something to do besides sewing. It is very painstaking, but really neat. Just need to get used to the different techniques. We start out with something simple & then progress. I can't wait to get into the animals to learn how to do hair, etc.

Thursday afternoon we had a meeting of teachers & monitors for computer classes. I have volunteered to be a monitor. Not quite comfortable doing the teaching yet. I remember doing that back at WSH, but I was a little quicker then & was using programs more often. The brain gets a little slower with age!!! But it is fun. After the first of the year they are going to do a basic class on Vista that I want to take. Then when I get ready to buy a new computer I won't feel so intimidated. Also, if Renee or Tom has questions on their computer, I might be able to help. Never hurts to be prepared for the future. My Microsoft Office programs are already years behind. One of these days, I probably should update that too.

Called my sister Romayne today to check in & make sure everyone was okay there. I didn't get her called back on Mon., so thought I'd better get on the stick. Saturday is her birthday & she said I wouldn't have to call again. We'll see. It's a free call on Sat., so will probably call to say Happy Birthday. In the meantime...........HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! Love & Miss you!

Last night Bill & I sat & addressed all of our Christmas Cards. I mailed them this morning. So if you don't get one in the mail, it's because you have email & you will get yours that way. I know that sounds cheap, but it's faster & it saves that mailman from having to lug all that extra weight over the holidays! So if you are reading this & don't get a card in the next week, you will be getting one, we didn't forget you!

Today was computer club meeting. Had another interesting speaker. Talked about a program called Jing that you can download for free at Takes pictures of your computer screen & can use them anywhere. Looked really simple to use & you can insert text, arrows, etc. into the picture after capturing it. It's an easy version of SnagIt by TechSmith. That one you have to buy. I don't think I would have a lot of use for that one, but it was quite interesting. You can try it for 30 days free to see if you like it. Might want to check it out if you think you might use it. Just make sure your computer isn't a slow running one.

Well, the guy seal coated our roof this morning. Still a little dissatisfied with job. I guess no one does the job like we would. Next time I think Bill & I will do it ourselves. You get what you pay for. Some people are just in a hurry to get the job done & don't care how it's done. Since this is our home & we want to make sure we take care of it, we want to do the job right, neatly without a sloppy mess. Oh well, live & learn. At least we didn't see anything running down the side of the trailer! Bill is out checking right now. After checking closer, it was done where he didn't think it was. So I guess Bill needs to do a little apologizing! Things look different from the ground up than from the top down.

Tonight we were invited to go with the gang to the Legion for supper but we think we will stay home. They only have fried fish & since we went out Wed. night, we will stay home & cook our own tonight. Trying real hard to stay on the straight & narrow! They are having a Christmas concert. A Joyous Christmas by the Superstition Snrise Choraliers to welcome in the holiday season. We want to go to that at 7:30. It's only $3.00 a ticket. Again, no driving, so that's a reasonable evening out.

Well, that about wraps up this week. No pictures to share, so until next time..........................
The Traveling Cardinal's

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Soundslike you are havinga great time in AZ. We love that part of the country.