Friday, December 5, 2008

Where Did The Week Go????

Well I just found out you don't type the Title of your Post & then hit the Enter goes right to Publish Post!!!! I hadn't even written anything yet!

Well, I spent Wed. & Thurs. afternoon helping Gayle in an email class. She was the teacher, I was the monitor. That was fun & interesting. I guess I'm not too dumb! It's amazing how much you forget though. The class was taught using Microsoft Outlook Express (which I used to use all the time at home) & I'd forgotten how to do a few things. I did find out a great website, though. Ever need help....go to Tells you step by step whatever you need or want to know. A good site!

I was really disappointed on Thurs. morning. The Scratch Art Class I went to was cancelled. The instructor was at the hospital with her husband. I guess, considering this is a 55+ community, you have to expect that kind of thing. Oh well, always next week. I also signed up to do a "Bob Ross" oil painting class. There is a beautiful picture hanging in the activity office of what they are going to teach IN ONE DAY on Dec. 19th. I used to watch him on TV all the time & say "I wish I could paint like that". Well, now I'm going to try. All the comments I've heard have said anyone who has taken the classes in the past have had beautiful results. So here's hoping. Not sure where I would put it as no place to hang anything in the RV, but I still want to do it. Am I getting artsy or what????

Bill played pool again at 6AM & I went to Supercom Computer Club at 9. Came home & got my washing done after that. We went out for supper tonight at a restaurant that reminded us of Perkin's back home. It was very nice & the food was great! Bake fish too. No haddock, but the cod was just as good. We really were looking for the restaurant we went to last year, but when we found it it was out of business. So we went to the one just across the parking lot. Good choice!
Talked to Mark a couple of times today. He was on his way "home" to PA from his home in V. Beach. Him & a friend were going to PA to go hunting with his long time friend & neighbor, Jamie. His new truck did well on the trip. He called us about 7pm (EST) & they were just past Sheffield. They got lost on the same route home we did last time. New roads that GPS can't find! I hope he gets his deer. I told him he could go to Holiday Inn on Sunday & see all the Bullock Aunt's & Uncle's & cousins at the same time. It is Carolyn & Neil's 50th anniversary today & they are having a party for them. He said that would be great. So I hope he gets a chance to get there.
Since we needed to walk after eating so much, we went to Big Lots & picked up a few Christmas things. I needed a glass bowl (I really wanted a glass 8 cup measuring cup like I used to have) but no luck. The bowl I got I can use in the oven & microwave as well as the freezer. Going to make Amy & Bob's great Ritz Cracker cookies tomorrow for Coffee Fellowship at Chapel on Sunday. I hope I don't eat too many! They are delicious! No baking either.

Well, that about tells what we've done today & the last couple of days.
Oh, another beautiful sunset from last night............ Out my kitchen window
Out my living room window........
Until next time................The Traveling Cardinal's

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Bob and Snookie said...

I haven't been to your site in about two weeks and now I find I'm number 1040! It seems like yesterday that we were just setting up your blog in the dealership waiting room. I'm glad you kept up with it. Also glad to hear you made it safely back to Arizona. We MUST get together sometime this winter. Maybe we can meet halfway and have lunch or dinner.