Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Catch Up Day Again

Well since my daughter said I don't update enough & that's why I get all my hits from people checking the blog, I'd better get busy, right???
I can't figure out if I'm so busy I don't want to get on the computer as it just takes so much time or I feel like I'm not doing anything of interest, but I guess a note every couple of days is better than nothing at all to my family & friends!

Monday I was asked to fill in as monitor at an email class for our Supercom Computer Club. Then in the end I didn't have to monitor, but went anyway to see what my duties might be in the coming months. Before I got to the class, another teacher asked if I could monitor on Tues., Wed., & Thurs. So I said yes for Wed. & Thurs. Not Tuesday though. I went to another class in the morning & then my Line Dancing class started on Tues. afternoon. Gosh there were about 20 people there for the first time. Last year toward the end we only had about 9 of us. It was fun & I did remember a few dances. But let me out of the ballroom without an instructor & I'm lost again. I just need someone telling me what step comes next! It's called AGE (as Faye would say) & the brain has NO MEMORY anymore! But we do have fun & it is called EXERCISE! Needless to say, I got in a lot of steps on my W.W. counter yesterday!
Sunday we attended Chapel here at Supersun. They have a really nice service. Very much like home & Pastor Tim is a real down home guy who is very easy to follow (right from those Bible verses!) & easy to understand. It is a joy to start out the week here. They have a coffee fellowship every Sunday after worship too, just like North Warren Presby. No wonder it feels like "home".
Monday night Bill & I went to the Jam Session. There are about 8 guys/gals that get together to entertain on Mon. nights. Last week there were only about 4 couples dancing. This week the crowd of dancers was quite a bit bigger. Music is great & a nice way for those of us (ahum, Bill) that don't like to dance, can sit & enjoy the music. Although last week when we looked at the board for "the happenings", there was a Country Western 2 Step Class & Pattern Class that he DID SAY he probably would do. It doesn't start until Jan. 2nd, so I hope he doesn't change his mind!!!
See, sister Romayne, I get sunsets too!!!

Tuesday Night's Sunset

Looking at Sunset Sky & down John Garfield St. decorations

We have done a little decorating for Christmas outside & all I'm going to do inside. It's hard when you don't have storage space to put a lot of things. I put the tree up last night & like I used to do at home, I'd do a little each day. Now I'm done. Just have to get the presents that I'm making finished so they can be mailed. Shopping was easier this year too. It was called "plastic cards". The teenagers love it! Besides, what do you buy teens anyway? Grandma & Grandpa either can't understand it or we can't afford it! I always thought money was so impersonal, but now I understand where my parents & grandparents were coming from. But back then, my grandparents gave us a quarter in a card & even that was special! At least I never got coal in my stocking!!!! Ask the kids today if they ever heard of an orange, nuts & a candy cane in their stockings??????? They will look at you like you've lost your marbles!!!

Hard to decorate when you have an ugly hitch & a tripod and bikes stored underneath. Did put a poinsettia on the chain of the tripod though. Hard to see in picture.
Picture taken with flashout flash but then better with flash of our little tree. Unfortunately our living room is toward the back of the lot & no one can see the tree from outside. But we found out because our windows are tinted so black, you can hardly see the little ceramic tree we have on the kitchen table either. So I guess the tree is for our enjoyment only. But that's okay. Makes it "homey".

The most important part of Christmas to remember anyway is:

The hardest part of decorating for Christmas this year was doing it with no snow, wearing shorts & flip-flops!!!! We had a few warm days in PA that we could decorate outside, but definitely never shorts & flip-flops! I can't imagine all the lights we put up outside at home & with frozen fingers too. Now 2 strings is "enough".

All the deer hunters back in PA are in full swing. Our son, Mark, is excited about going home to PA to spend with his old friend, Jamie, to go hunting. I'm sure he will have a great time. Just so they remember to have a "safe" time too! They were almost inseparable when they lived across the street from each other. I will always think of Jamie as "my other son". I hope Mark gets a deer. Been a few years since he hunted there & got one. He usually always does, but I remember the last time his dad & him went hunting it was so warm they almost couldn't wear hunting clothes. Good thing he got his deer first thing in the morning before it really got warm.

I'm excited about tomorrow morning. I'm going to go to a Scratch Art Class that I've never done before. I saw the work last year right before we left & I thought, wow, I'd love to do that. So I'm going to give it a try.

Bill has been getting up early & playing pool at 6am!!! Yikes!!!! Not me! I gave up going to 7:30 exercise. That's just too early for me. I like my relaxing mornings. Anything from 9am on is great, but give me my mornings!

Well, I guess that about brings us up-to-date. OK, Renee????

Until next time...........The Traveling Cardinal's

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