Monday, May 18, 2009

Greetings from Caney Cove RV Park

Ahh, pictures! Not too many, but a few. This one was taken going down the road on Interstate 35 AFTER the cloud burst. Bill was driving in the afternoon & it was still pretty messy, but at least you could see the vehicle in front of you!
I didn't put the window down so it's rather spotty, but I just wanted you to get an idea of how high the corn is! Knee high by the Fourth of July? They probably will be chopping by then & those back in PA/NY won't have even gotten theirs planted!
This is the view as we step out our door of the trailer. Looks toward the playground & there isn't another site between us & it. So we have a huge front yard!
This is looking along side toward the road behind us where we came in. We pulled through. The site must be at least 100 ft. long! What a spot!
This is across the road from us.
Looking toward cove - jet skiers, fishing pier & swimmers.
Looking down the Cedar Creek Lake. Beautiful!
Two boats with happy fishermen. Wouldn't you be if you were one of those guys that would "Rather Be Fishing"??
Standing on pier looking into cove. Bill was talking with fisherman. He was catching crappies & catfish. Anything else he throws back in.
Even a place to clean what you catch so you don't "catch" the devil from mom/or the wife for making a mess at the campsite!
More of Caney Cove RV Park.
I was talking to the owner's yesterday afternoon as I was waiting for my laundry. They said this has been in the family for several years & they like to keep it simple. We love that it was in our price range for a few days. Not necessary to have all those amenities when you aren't staying that long. Just a place to hang your hat, refresh your senses & visit with friends. Good Sam's come every year uninvited to rate them, but just say they are "just a fishing camp" & move on. Maybe that's all some people want!
Speaking of friends: An update.
We got an email from Phyllis this morning saying that Tom had come home from the hospital on Saturday, but much, much too soon. He had way too much fluid & they ended up calling 911 around 1:30AM to take him back to the hospital. He was in congestive heart failure. They are getting to the bottom of miscommunication as to why he was released under such conditions. Thank God Kathy (the nurse) has extended her stay to help out & talk with his doctors & the staff! I talked to Phyllis briefly this morning after the email & he was doing a little better. Today is her birthday - Happy Birthday, again. We know how thankful you are to have gotten Tom back to the hospital as soon as you did! Keep praying folks, he's not out of the woods yet!
Larry is still in ICU in Pittsburgh. He still has his sense of humor according to his stepdaughter. That is good. He may be moved out of ICU if his blood count continues to improve. Hopefully by the weekend when Donna will be going back down to see him.
Ray, our friend in Michigan, is hanging in there! He's worried about getting all of their yard work done while he's laying in the hospital for 5 days recuperating from a ruptured appendix! Heal first, worry later. Either someone will help out or it will be there when you get home! Let's hope all those great friends & family will step in & help out.
Today Bill & I went to Gun Barrel City to go to Walmart. I was going to get a perm while he shopped. Guess what? A Supercenter Walmart & no hair salon! So we had to drive back down the road to find one. Bill sat in the truck & read the paper & then walked a little while I got beautiful. Ya right! Let's just say, it makes my mornings less stressful! Since I keep it so short, perms are about an every other month thing! Bill bought me a cowboy(girl, more boy than girl, it's black) hat while I was in San Antonio, so I plopped that on my head before heading out the door this morning. That way it covers up what I had no control over this morning!
Then we went to get diesel, ate lunch & back to Walmart to shop. We didn't have to get too many things, but we did have freezer stuff. Oh, that reminds me, know that neat little wiring job you did for us?? Great job, except when you plug the blue to blue it makes the cooler hot & when you run the red to red, it makes it cold. Good thing we checked that out BEFORE we got our frozen food huh? Must have been something with switching the wires. Now you know we can't figure that out, that's your department! But thank you anyway. It works, that's what counts! You're a sweetheart!
On the way home we had put our friends address into the GPS & we found it. But, they must not be home from Vegas yet. There was a cobweb across the front door entrance & one from the fender to the tire of the truck. Something was stuck in the door & before I got my note written, 2 gentlemen who were suppose to do some work inside for them pulled up & they didn't get an answer either. So we are still waiting to hear from them. Hope they make it home before we leave on Thursday! They had their 5th wheel in the driveway & they were right, it was pretty muddy on the side of the house. Good thing we didn't plan on parking there! Plus, they weren't home yet!
We came back home & sat outside & relaxed & read. It's 8:30pm & we still haven't ate. Neither of us were hungry. Another 1/2 hour & we will be into the snacks or ice cream. Great Supper huh? Last night Bill cooked while I did laundry. Great meal. Grilled chicken. Oh I think there is some of that left over. Sounds like it might be good about now. Thinking of food, I'm getting hungry. (Oh, Bill just closed his boojk & said "I'm going to have a sandwich".)
Well, that about tidies up our day. So until next time.............The Traveling Cardinals

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LaVon Baker said...

Love parking by water. Don is jealous. It's nice and peaceful here, but no body of water. Hope to see you soon!