Friday, May 29, 2009

From Oklahoma to Missouri, to Iowa

Okay, so maybe I'll try to do a little "catch up" from what I lost the other night. I seem to be in a better mood (so far!). I don't think this is as humorous as the first one, but that's the way the cookie crumbles!

After we left Duncan, Oklahoma, we had made plans to meet with fellow blogger friend, LaVon & her husband Don at a place that was convenient for a 40' 5th wheel to park & turn around in. LaVon friend, you did Real Good! We talked back and forth a couple time (thanks to cell phones) & she pointed us to Braum's in Newcastle, OK. Right on our route! A huge training center parking lot behind Braum's. It was awesome. We had a great lunch, great fellowship & conversation & can't wait to meet again in AZ in the winter! Oh, did I say the ice cream was great too! The following is a picture LaVon took & sent to me. I told her I looked like I didn't have enough hair for my big head! I know, it's perm short! But it sure is easy to take care of! You know, get out of bed, wet it down & go. You know, retirement is R-E-T-I-R-E-D!
This is Pastor Don & his lovely wife, LaVon. She is a sweetheart! I could picture us talking all day! Next time........let's hope for longer than 1-1/2 hrs. To see more pictures of our meeting, click on Baker's Blessings on my Blog Home Page. If you haven't already visited her site, you are truly in for some blessings!
After leaving our "old"/"new" friends we headed across Oklahoma & into Missouri. We ended up in a little RV park that was called "Reach Out & Touch Your Neighbor". Just kidding. But that is how close we were. If you fell off the steps coming out of your trailer you would have fallen into the side of your neighbor! It was a nice in/out park for an overnighter, which is what we wanted. The best part was I didn't have to cook supper either. You just had to walk across the street & you were right in Cracker Barrels parking lot! We had a great supper & then sat out on their front porch in the rockers & enjoyed the Spring/Summer like evening. I never, ever pass up a chance to eat at my favorite restaurant!
After we got to this little park, Bill says to me, "how far are we away from Altoona, Iowa?" I said I'd get out my map & look. Well, one exit back on Interstate 40 & we could head straight North & would be there in a day & a half. He said, I'd really like to go check on our friend Tom. So I said okay, if he would let me go to Illinois after & visit with my childhood friend, Linda. He said sure.
This is a picture Bill took as we were going down the road through Ozark Mountain country in Missouri. We started out at 7:30AM & it was pretty cloudy & foggy. I drove until around 10AM & I was really tired. So once we got headed on a straight stretch, with no turns or confusing directions, Bill took over & I slept, & slept & slept some more! Then when we reached our campground at Pony Express RV Park, I slept some more! I think it must have been the dreary day.
We left Maysville, MO around 9:30AM on Thursday. Went through some beautiful farm land. By the way, Romayne, we say a vine crawling up a silo. I wanted to take a picture, but because it was so hilly, I didn't dare stop in the middle of the road to take it. It had grown all the way to the top & was about 5 ft. or more high all over the top. I wonder if yours will ever look like that???
We arrived at Adventureland Campground in Altoona around 12:30PM. We got set up & then ate our lunch. We were just finishing up when Tom & Phyllis stopped in. We went out for supper with them & Kay & Chico to Phyllis' cousin's restaurant called The Checkerboard. It was really neat. All kinds of antiques on the walls, in the basement, everywhere. The food was delicious. Then we retreated to Tom & Phyllis' to play Hand & Foot. I hate to do this, but I must mention that the Girls Won! A little break before finishing the game: Tom, Phyllis, Chico, Kay & Bill
Friday afternoon we spent at Tom & Phyllis' for awhile. She was weeding, I dug a hole by the shed to put their squirrel post in. Bill had helped Tom get the bolts out he couldn't get. We all gabbed the afternoon away until Phyllis had to go to the car wash. We went down & Bill washed the truck. Then the 6 of us when to The Big Steer. The special was Fillet & Stuffed Shrimp for $24.95. No, we didn't have the special!!! A little beyond our budget, but we had fish & it was very good. The best part was the homemade loaves of bread!
This is Tom, Phyllis, Bill, Kay & Chico with their bellies full.
Same gang except me in the middle instead of Bill
After we ate we all went back to Chico & Kay's to play Hand & Foot. They had invited Joanne & Dick (whom go to Arizona too) over & we all played one game. Kay was my partner & we played against Tom & Chico & we beat the pants off them!!!! I think the score was something like 18,795 to 5,125 or something like that! One hand we went out on them before they even got on the board. That Kay was on a roll tonight! Oh, by the way, the girls at the other table won too!
This is a picture of Chico in his little Shriner's Pie Wagon. It is so cute! He has this in his back yard.
It's a Cadillac, Model A, 1902
Since he does Upholstering by trade, he made this back cover. Nice Job, Chico! Bill & Dick are checking it out.
Another one of his toys----a moped/motorcycle. Now can you picture this??? Well, he didn't get to ride like I did, he just sat on it!

Tomorrow we are suppose to meet with the gang & another couple that come to AZ for breakfast. (I'll really need to go back to W.W. by the time I get home!)

We are right by the Prairie Meadows Casino & Horse Race Track. I looked at the sign that was flashing yesterday & I really wanted to go to the concert there tonight. Clint Black was at the ballroom. But since we came to see our friends & play cards, I thought I'd give up trying to get tickets for that. Well, when we came home tonight the parking lot was jammed full. I don't think there would have been a place to sit!!

Tomorrow night the gang is all going to the horse races. We've never been to a real live one, so this will be different to see. Maybe I'll get some pictures. Not sure since we will be sitting behind glass, but I'll try.

So that brings you up to date.

Until next time............The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

Great post, Peggy!! When we get together in the Fall, you are going to have to teach us how to play Hand and Foot!