Friday, June 5, 2009

Yes, It's Catch Up Time AGAIN!

20 Prairie Meadows Sign
The night before we were to leave Altoona, Iowa, (May 30) we went with our friends to Prairie Meadows Race Track for a live horse race. Never done that before. It was kind of fun. I didn't understand a whole lot, didn't bet a whole lot & didn't win a whole lot. I did win a couple of 40 & 60 cent wins. Wow! But I was learning to figure out the odds & whether to place my bet as a "place" or a "show". One time my horse won so we ran down to the winners circle to take pictures. Here are a few pictures of the night. This is looking toward the Casino. There is another whole half I couldn't get in the picture!
18 Casino & Horse Race stadium
This is just 2 rows of the horse barns. It is huge.
14 Race Horse Barns
Light inside on the 4th floor.

Looking out from our table down onto race track.
27 Looking down on track
Bill & Peg in front of the paddocks.
30 Bill & Peg in front of paddocks
Down to the finish line.
45 Coming to finish line
My winner. I think I made 60 cents on this one!
48 My horse won
The winner's circle - owner, Maggi Moss, jockey & trainer?
Our gang, Tom, Peg, Bill, Chico, Kay, Phyllis
57 The Gang
Adventureland Campground
Back of Tom & Phyllis' House
10 Phyllis & Tom's back yard
Front of Tom & Phyllis' House We had a great time in Iowa with friends, but it was time to move on. The deal was, I would get to visit my friend, Linda & her husband Jay, from little ol' Fentonville, NY in Chatham, IL. They were out of town the first couple of days we were there, they were in Chicago babysitting. Bill & I took in a couple days of visiting Abe Lincoln's History. Wow. So much to see. I think you could spend a week there & still have to run in order to get it all in. We spent all day on Monday in downtown Springfield, IL, but we covered a lot of ground. The following is what we saw on our way there:

Lots of huge granaries & lots of neat looking farms 6 Illinois Farm
More wind turbines
8 Wind Turbines
BIG farm operations
13 Big farm operation
On Monday, we went to downtown Springfield. There are lots of parking garages. Every other street is one way & we have to remember where we parked. I remembered the street - Washington. It was up to Bill to remember the rest, so he decided to take a picture so he wouldn't forget! You know after you stuff your head with history all day, you just might forget the minor things in life!

1 Don't forget where we parked 06-01-09
Another thing we always forget is --- how high is the truck???? Will we fit? Yup we did, so let's take a picture so we can refer back to it & remember the next time.
2 Yes we can fit
Our first stop was the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. That took us almost 2 hours to go through. A lot to see, but sorry, there was only one section we could take pictures in. I wanted to be Snookie & "shoot from the hip", but there was a lot of guides/guards around, so I didn't take any chances!

4 Lincoln Museum
The Lincoln Library was across the street, but because it is mostly a research library we didn't visit the building & saved that time for something else

6 Lincoln Library

Bill with those Union Soldiers. I think he has the wrong uniform on!15 Bill with the Union Soldiers
The White House in Abe's Day
11 White house
Peg with the Lincoln family. I want you to remember how close Mr. Lincoln & I are - I have a pleasant surprise later in my story or next blog!!!!

16 Peg with the Lincoln Family
A long, heartbreaking struggle for one man who was a hard worker both physically & mentally. He did not live an easy life yet he strived to learn all he could from books & eventually law to become one of the most remembered presidents of our country. I think we could use another just like him today!!!!!
19 Blurry cabin
After leaving the museum we checked our walking map & started down the street. It was 90 degrees & very humid. We came across this cute little cafe. It was closed, but I immediately thought of Samantha & Samuel & how they liked to have tea parties. Wished I could have taken Samantha there for lunch & tea.

Next we stopped at the Old Capital Building. This was very unique. Linda told me later that this building was torn down, each piece was numbered & rebuilt, leaving the top story off so that it would be like it was in Lincoln's time. A very beautiful building. We also had a treat while we were in there!

24 Old State Capital

Beautiful chandeliers
Stove pipe hat depicts where Abraham Lincoln sat
33 Stove Pipe Hat is where Lincoln sat in legislative session
We had a group of college Bible students stand here & sing for us while we were touring. They were from a college north of Harrisburg, PA!!!
36 Stairway in Old State Capital

To hear our treat, play the video.

I'm going to end this post here for now. I was having trouble inserting pictures and I will finish the next chance I get with the computer. I may have to buy Bill one "just to read the paper". It's becoming a challenge for us each to have time on it without getting a little "huffy". He doesn't just read the hometown paper, he reads all in the area around home! Anyway, I will finish the next opportunity I get.

We were in Louisville, KY Fri. night. Will finish on the next blog session.

Until next time.................The Traveling Cardinal's

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