Monday, June 8, 2009

Short Post - No Pictures

I can't believe it is 2AM & I'm still up! Since I got my blog caught up, I finally had time to read my friend's blogs. How do I get so far behind?????

For any of you who want to have a blessing in your life & listen to some great music, click on Baker's Blessings on my blog. You won't be sorry!

For any of you who want to follow along on a beautiful trip to Alaska, click on Snookie & Bob on my blog. Again, you won't be sorry! Humor & beautiful pictures await you.

We arrived (I guess I'd better say yesterday afternoon) in Ashland, Virginia. Will be staying here for a few days to visit with friends Linda & Don. After getting set up we cooled down (it's hot & humid here!!!!) then headed for Walmart to get hair cuts (I got scalped again - I said a "trim"!), then Bill needed to have his pedicure & my manicure. See how good we treat ourselves! Really, he has problems with his toe nails & it's better for someone else to do it than him to butcher himself. Then since it was going on 7PM we decided to go to Cracker Barrel for supper.

Linda called & after our morning chores are done we will get together to chat & look at pictures of their new granddaughter. She offered to let me do my laundry (what a great friend!!!). I don't have much, but I do need to wash sheets this time.

In the morning I have to wash the front of the trailer. We traveled through several towns with all the same name. They were called: "Bug City". Not as bad as when we were in Illinois, but it still is pretty gross looking. If you don't wash them off, they get baked on & it's harder to get them off. So that's tomorrows job.

Tonight (much earlier) Renee & I searched the Internet each at our own homes & I finally found an old friend I had lost track of. We Googled her name & came up with her & her sons name at the same time!!! They had started a business together near Indianapolis, IN. Renee looked at one site & I at another. I read the information about Dana & she found a picture of the company employees on another & there they were!!!! Marnie & Dana. I used to babysit Dana many years ago. In our travels, we have been trying to locate old friends & give them a call or a visit. Now we know where they are! Believe me, tomorrow (today) I'm going to give her a call. I can hardly wait! The reason I hadn't Googled her before was I couldn't remember her last name after she remarried. Thank you Renee! See, it pays to have a younger mind that can remember names!

Well, I guess I'd better get to bed. See, it was pretty short........or at least as short as I can be. I tend to be a little gabby.

So, until next time................The Traveling Cardinal's

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