Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another State Closer to Home

We left Virginia Beach around 9am on Wed. & headed for Maryland. We decided to take the "road less traveled" instead of the Interstate. We made pretty good time considering you have to stop for all the traffic lights until you get out of the main towns on Route 17 heading toward Fredericksburg, VA. But it is a pretty ride.

As we were heading out on Interstate 264 toward Norfolk, we came upon this convoy of we are assuming National Guardsman. They were all pretty friendly, we tooted & waved & gave each other the "thumbs up". Sure was better than driving by & not acknowledging them!!!!This is one of the big commercial ships in the bay right before we crossed through the Hampton Tunnel in Norfolk, VA. Bill didn't realize he got the guys working on the bridge until we downloaded the pictures.
One of my most favorite trees in Virginia is the Crepe Myrtle. They look so much like a lilac tree but there is no smell to the flower. Some are the most beautiful dark fuchsia color. These were a lighter pink. Several white ones are planted along the roadways where the roads are divided.

Now we are going around Washington, DC!!! Is there a recession going on???? Did anyone tell those people in Washington??? Snookie, I want you to know, this was our "going down the road" picture of the day. In fact, it was so bad, we drove (I mean crawled) in this for 1-1/2 hrs. Bill hates this, so at one point when we were stopped, he said "change drivers" & we did, right there in the road! It's a wonder we weren't arrested!
We finally made it to the campground around 5:45pm. We called Renee when we were exiting Interstate 95 & she followed us in to the campground. The kids got to watch us set up, unhitch & put out the slides. They wanted to help. I gave them each jobs to do & they thought that was just great. When we asked them to stay back & what not to touch, they were really good. So as a reward, we all went to Cracker Barrel to eat. They were really good & ate good too. I think they are afraid to misbehave or they won't get to go home with us & go camping!

After supper we came back to the trailer for a little bit & Renee could get her car. This is daughter, Renee.
Grandson, Nicholas (the shy one)
Grandson, Noah (the huggie one)
On Thursday (today) we had an appointment to get the truck inspected in PA. It's about 1-1/2 hrs. from here so we took everyone with us. They have a waiting room that is set up just for kids to play in so that helped time go faster for them.

The bill wasn't so great - time to change oil, transmission fluid, filters, etc. Brakes were good & we had just put 6 new tires on, so that was okay. At least we know it's done & paid for, for the next 6,000 miles!

We took the kids to McDonald's, then on the way home we stopped at Renee's mother-in-laws house to see her. She had fallen & sprained her ankle about 3 wks. ago, but she is doing better. Slow but sure. Her daughter, Nikki lives in a trailer next to her & has a boarding stable for horses. One of the horses had just had a colt 3 weeks ago. Cute. The spotted horse (pony) in the front is Hunter's & his cousins. Poor horses had to have their eyes covered to keep the flies off.
This was the smallest manure spreader I'd ever seen!
Noah with horse in the stable.
Nicholas with another horse in stable.
We came back to Renee & Tom's to make supper & then after Tom left for work we stayed a little while then came home to our trailer. Bill read the paper on the computer, I made salad for tomorrow & that was about it.

Tomorrow I'm going to give Renee a perm in the morning & she's going to get her oil changed in her car after we are done & I'm bringing the boys back to the trailer to hang out. Since we are right on the bay/lake, they can feed the ducks or we can go swimming, depending on the weather.

I see the counter is ready to roll over!! WOW! If it's you, leave a comment & let me know!
So, until next time..................The Traveling Cardinal's

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