Monday, June 22, 2009

What a Monday Morning!!!!

I hope every father out there had a wonderful Father's Day! Bill & I went to George's Restaurant in Virginia Beach for breakfast buffet. It was very good, reasonable & a nice clean restaurant. We walked the beach boardwalk for a little bit, but we were over dressed & it was getting pretty hot. Since we had rode the bus again, we came back to the campground to change clothes intending to go back. The sky looked pretty black again, but after checking the Internet & no forecast for rain, we took the bus back down. They were having an art show along the boardwalk. Only one really turned me on! A lady from Alexandria, VA does Scherenschnitte, which translates as scissor cuttings. If anyone looked up Mr. Lee on my blog, you would have seen something very similar. Her web site is Check it out. The pictures aren't big, but they are awesome. If I would have had $1000 - $2000 to throw out, I would have bought one! She learned this time-consuming art from her grandmother.

We headed back to the trailer around 6pm to rest. The evening went fast, since I was working on the computer!

This morning we had a very frightful awakening!!! Someone was pounding on our trailer door at 4AM! I thought it might be Mark on his way to work, but I didn't think he would do that & scare us to death. We hollered out "Who is it?" And they replied "Fire!! Fire!!" We thought it was our trailer so Bill went to the door in his BVD's & they said no, it was the cafe by the laundry mat behind us. I thought it was funny we didn't hear our smoke alarm go off. Since it wasn't our trailer, I took time to get dressed quickly.

After going outside & seeing the embers flying over us, we decided to put things away as quickly as we could & put the slides in so we could pull it out if we had to. I forgot there was the grill on the little table under the front living room slide & it wouldn't shut all the way. When I opened the door & saw it, I had to put the slides back out & in again. Might know, that was the last one to open! I bent it back in & closed them up. Well, once you start the slides in, there is no more seal around them until they are closed, so the smoke came in the trailer! Yuk!!! They got the fire under control & we didn't have to move, so I put things back & went around later & sprayed Febreeze.

I called Mark to ask him if we could use his washer/dryer & since he didn't answer I just left a short message (to save cell time.) I guess I wasn't thinking that he would be worried that I called at 5AM!!! When we finally made connections, he wasn't too happy with me. Oh well, someday he will get old too!!!

Here are some pictures of the fire & afterwards:
This is looking at the laundry/cafe/game room right behind our trailer. That is the corner of our trailer In the pictures with one of the ladder trucks behind us.
Virginia Beach Fire Dept. Ladder Truck
And our trailer
What you can see of the fire & the firemen.
Trucks & fire
Looking toward our trailer
Taken out our back living room window. Fire was around the corner to the left. They were afraid it would spread to the laundry room which is on the right of the picture.
Another fire truck on the other side of the play ground where Samuel plays when he comes. This is out our kitchen window.
One of the ladder trucks leaving. This is one where the truck steers the truck & the guy in the back steers the ladder part. I just hope they all turn the same way!!!
The Fire Investigator is there & they start knocking it down so they can try to see where it started. Bill thinks it might have been in the hood exhaust fan.
What a mess to sort through.
This is a police woman who had to crawl up the ladder over top of the remains to take pictures for the investigation.
I've taken a couple more pictures of them bringing in the big dumpster & placing it in the area beside our trailer. They did move it closer to the site though. I haven't downloaded those pictures yet.
Bill had a doctor appt. at 10AM so we took showers & got out of there. After his appt. we checked at a Firestone store to see if they had 2 more truck tires like we got in Oklahoma so we can get those on tomorrow morning. Now we'll be ready for PA State Inspection the day after we get to Renee's.
We are now at Mark's getting our laundry done. I washed all my afghans just to make sure there was no smoke smell in them. Hopefully it will all get aired out soon. My throat still burns some this afternoon, but I'm sure that will go away too.
Bill got a good report from the doctor. He even lost 4 pounds!!!! He says "Big Deal", but I think that's great. Better than gaining 4 pounds since last October!
So, that's our day! Until next time...............The Traveling Cardinal's

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