Friday, June 19, 2009

Let's Try a Little Update from Virginia Beach

Wednesday afternoon after grocery shopping we sent to visit my great-niece, Traci. When I called her she told us it was her dance recital that night. We decided to go watch it since we didn't have anything else planned. She used to take Tap lessons when she was a little gal, but since she has a friend who dances & teaches, she talked Traci into coming back & dancing again. Great exercise! So here we are. This is before she danced.
We even saw belly dancers! At our age? No way!
Now these were some cuties!
The middle of the program the Lakewood Ballet Co. presented "Graduation Ball". The ballet follows the happenings of a Viennese girl's boarding school to which cadets from a military college are invited to celebrate with a Graduation Ball. Was very entertaining with a combination of beauty & humor.

This was Traci's first dance. It was a Hip Hop - Super Divas & she wasn't exactly excited about doing it. She said it "was not her thing". Her aunts & Grandma will get a kick out of seeing the pictures though. Too bad Mom doesn't have a PC!

This was her second dance - Adult Tap III. Dance was suppose to depict a picnic. Each had a Tupperware dish.

Thursday night Bill & I decided to take the bus that comes to the campground down to the beach since we hadn't been there yet. There was a threat of thunderstorms, but we had been lucky all day & hadn't gotten any, so we decided to go. We walked along the boardwalk until it began to thunder & then lightning & decided we'd better head for a restaurant. While we were eating it really stormed. There were tornado warnings (& I thought we were out of "tornado alley"!!!). If you've never experienced a thunderstorm in a city that is sea level, you are missing the flooding! The water has no where to go. We were thankful we didn't drive. The bus picked us up right outside the restaurant. We were glad we had taken our umbrellas too! The wind & the down pour was torrential! When we got back to the trailer we had to walk through a swimming pool to get to the door. There was a sighting of a tornado/water spout over Chesapeake Bay, but it never hit land.
Friday, we picked up the grand kids around 9:30am & headed out to the Virginia Zoological Park. I think it was a little boring for Samantha as she had been there several times on school trips, but it was Samuel's first time. I think we all had a good time though.
After our tail-gate picnic. Samuel & Samantha
Samuel thought the Prairie Dogs were cute & interesting. You could go down underneath the exhibit & see them from the bottom. There were 4 little bubbles where the little kids could stand & see from the ground up.
2 Bald Eagles
Samuel & Samantha on the bronze Rhino
One of our cuties!
Samuel with the giraffe behind him.
We then went on a 10 min. train ride. Quite a bit of the zoo is under construction, so we didn't see a whole lot. This zoo isn't very big either.
Samuel & Papa.
Our 2 clowns, Samuel & Samantha
A perfect place to cool off. The kids have a great time running through & playing in the fountains.

A pose with Grandpa.

That ended our trip to the zoo. We came back to the trailer & Mark joined us for hot dogs & picnic supper. Then we all visited & Samuel played with some kids at the campground at the playground & Samantha & I went for a bike ride.

It was a great day for us as we enjoy being with our grand kids! We don't get to see them much & they grow so fast. We cherish every minute with them. I swear they grew 5 inches since last fall!

So, until next time............The Traveling Cardinal's

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LaVon Baker said...

Yeah!!! You got an update posted!!! With pics and everything. Praise the Lord. Your niece is so pretty and your grandchildren are cute, too. Sure can see the resemblance to you and Bill.