Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3rd Day in Virginia Beach, VA

Going to write a short note to see if I can screw this one up!

This is our 3rd day in V. Beach & it's cloudy & breezy. Only 69 deg. this morning. Can you believe we haven't even gone down to the beach yet??? That used to be the first place we headed!! Must have spent too much time in the desert this past winter! Afraid of big bodies of water? Don't think so!
Mark, our son, stopped in last night on his way home from the ship for about 15 minutes. It was good to see him, but hard to visit for such a short time. He is working 12 hr. days/6 days a week. So I don't think we will see him much this week & a half. Won't see him for over a year after we leave here this time. He will be out on ship this fall before we go back to Arizona & will be out 7 months starting the end of December. I'm sure he wants to spend all the time with his kids & wife as he can. He looked good, but tired.
I tried adding pictures but can't drag & drop like I used to do either, so until I feel like messing around with this blog, there won't be many pictures. If I do, it will be short & sweet!
Today I guess we need to hit Walmart for some groceries. Then I need to call my Great Niece, Traci to say Hi & see when we can get together.
So, until next time..............The Traveling Cardinal's

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