Sunday, June 7, 2009

Final Post for the Weekend of June 6-7th

We spent Saturday night in Sheperdsville, Kentucky just south of Louisville at Grandma's RV Park. We thought about staying more than one night & going back to see what was there, but you know, I think I said before I was a little tired of sightseeing. Besides,,,,,,,Interstate 65 was horrible!!! We have been on some pretty terrible roads! The back roads are so much nicer! Those cement highways should be outlawed! No wonder we have to keep repairing things.

Speaking of which, Kerry & Karen if you read this......yes, our bedroom slide is giving us problems again. I had to call from the above campground to where we purchased our trailer to ask them what to do. The rubber inside that strip was hanging out a little over a foot! They told us to cut it off so it wouldn't get jammed up & caught on something in there when the slide went in or out. The screws/bolts are okay, the rubber ripped around them. Something more to fix!
Our friends from back home, Bob & Carolyn, have a daughter, Melanie & family, that lives about 30 minutes down the road in Bardstown, KY so we gave her a call & asked if she would like to meet us in a Walmart parking lot if there was one that could accommodate us. She said sure. We got to see her, her husband Dave & the three cute little girls. My how they grow. We haven't seen the little one since she was a baby & now she has 2 more! We visited about 45 mins. or so & then had to get on our way. It was 1pm when we left.

Now here is how dumb a blogger I am!!!! About 35 miles down the road I realized I didn't take a picture of Melanie & her family!! I can't believe I did that! Oh well, what's done is done. I couldn't turn around & go back.

So on our way. It's obvious we weren't going to travel very far this day. Later start, visiting, just enjoying our day. By now we are getting hungry & decide to stop at a rest stop. Fixed our lunch & went out to the picnic table. Well, when we stepped out of our trailer, we found out we were well guarded! These National Guards were on their way from Ft. Knox, Kentucky to Richmond, KY. Good looking, you bet! Remember.........Never forget to thank them for their service. It makes them feel good & it makes you feel better!

Hard to see beyond the trees, but there was a pretty big line of them!
We weren't having much luck again finding a campground in our book, so we decided to just go with what we saw advertised along the road. We saw Outpost RV Park advertised & decided to just drop in & try it. We got lucky. It was small, but nice & grassy. Not fancy but nice. They had a pool, laundry, small store & friendly folks. The best part it was only $20.00 for the night!

We left Salt Lick, Kentucky around 8:30AM this morning. Stopped at a rest stop before Charleston, W. Virginia & talked to a trucker about an alternate route for the Toll Road. He said, don't take it. It switches back & forth up the mountain & down the mountain. It turned out it was only $3.00 for the Toll & only 5 miles further than the hilly short cut. We have to remember this for another year if we take this route again. We came this way last year, but of course, we couldn't remember. He was very nice & we thanked him for the information.

Crossing a river in Charleston, West Virginia on Sunday, June 7th.

About 2 exits before Toll Road Interstate 77 & Interstate 64 split, we saw a place we wanted to stop. Besides it was lunch time. We kept seeing signs that said Taramack, The Best of West Virginia, Artisans at Work. So we thought okay, let's check it out. Well, this is what we found. A very interesting building. It also had RV Parking!
It was a circular building with artisans from all over the state of West Virginia. Some beautiful stuff here. We bought some CD's for special people and our lunch. It gave us a break to walk around after eating anyway. Besides, remember, we are R-E-T-I-R-E-D. Not much of a schedule!

Beautiful Quilt!
These framed pictures were made of some type of heavy paper that was cut. The birds feathers were cut to look like feathers & then all placed 3D on to matting. They were beautiful!!! This is the same picture only reversed of what I did in Scratch Art.

These are paintings done on feathers. Amazing. So much talent!
Oh, Linda, this one is beautiful! You gals that do all that beautiful quilting! Oh, you too Jay! Sorry, didn't want to forget you. Your work is beautiful too!
Coming down some really steep hills/mountains of West Virginia. Hold that trailer back. You should have seen the run away truck ramp. I have never seen one go so far up a hillside!!! Should have taken a picture of that!
Now this is camping! Tonight we are staying at a little 20 space campground called Summer Wind Overnight RV Park. $23.00 a night, full hook-ups. Just what we want. Where did we find it??? The sign along Interstate 64 said "Camping". Took another chance & there it was! Did they have a spot? Yup. Again, we got lucky. This gentleman, Russ, on the tractor was mowing & he is the campground host. He waved us on in. Said get set up & we'll do the paperwork afterwards! The spots were getting full as a company is putting 36-39 wind turbines in close by & some of the workers are staying here. The trailer right next to us is the supervisor. We are seeing more & more of these turbines. Taking advantage of Mother Nature's elements, for the good.So tonight we are in Dawson, West Virginia. Tomorrow we have reservations at Kosmo Village Mobile Home & RV Park in Glen Allen, VA, just south of Ashland, VA. We will be visiting with long time friends, Don & Linda for a couple of days. We have lots to catch up on since we saw them last year. They even have a new granddaughter to show us pictures of. Can't wait!

So now you are caught up to where we are at the moment & where we should be tomorrow night. Maybe we will slow down a little now. The area will be where we have been before. The only thing you'll get now is pictures of grand kids!

So, until next time...................The Traveling Cardinal's

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