Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a Beautiful Day - Sunday

Did you ever wonder why "Sun"day was called that? As I sit here in Malakoff, TX (southeast of Dallas) looking out my window at this beautiful campground toward the lake with the sun shining through the trees, I truly is "Sun"day! Thank you Lord for so much to look at & enjoy on this earth! It is so peaceful & quiet here. I'm sure next weekend won't be (Memorial Day), but for the next 3 days we will be able to enjoy the relaxation & peacefulness here.

Son Mark, you would love it here! And the best part is, it is a huge pull through site, full hook ups & only $25.00 a night! Thank you Internet! This park was not listed in any of the Camping Books we have either. Of course not, it's too reasonable. As we ate breakfast this morning we watch two girls & two little boys play hide & seek. What fun they were having.

We will take a walk a little later & snap some pictures. It rained this morning, but is beautiful now.

We are here because friends bought a house about 12 miles up the road. Waiting to catch up with them.

Forgetting that it was Memorial Day weekend next weekend, I thought I'd better find a campground at our next stop. I checked Lawton, Oklahoma's 10 day weather forecast (Thank You, Roger!!) & it looks great (so I hope there are no surprises). No campgrounds had any openings, all full. So I went to a town called Duncan that had a Good Sam Park listed. She said sure, they had lots of spaces open.....and guess what......only $25.00 a night before our 10% discount!!!! Not bad! I only wish we would luck out that good when we get near our kids! Ya right! You might know, they are the most expensive!!! Wish we could get into the military park through our son. That would save a bundle!

Hey, Snookie, thanks for the comment! I was surprised to see the counter on mine had rolled over to 1600. I never dreamed!!! But, you are right, the nieces (Dee & Lisa) print it off & send it to Bill's & my sisters & brothers & they all read it. It is terrific that they can share in our journey. Sometimes I think they get more out of it than my kids. They are too busy or it's too boring for them! Oh well, some day they will appreciate traveling themselves I hope! By the way, Snookie.....I might get to have lunch with LaVon. We are going to be pretty close to each other when we get to Oklahoma. Hopefully neither of us will have blown away by then! Just kidding! But it does make me a little nervous.

I received word today from another friend from Super Sun. My friend, Marquita, from Michigan....her husband, Ray, had emergency appendectomy done yesterday. It had ruptured so there is infection & he will be in the hospital for about 5 days. Please pray for a speedy recovery & that there will be no other complications!!

Well, sorry no pictures, yet, but just wanted to let everyone know we were okay & had arrived at our next destination. So, until next time.............The Traveling Cardinals

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LaVon Baker said...

I lived in Kaufman, Texas for 25 years.... just north of Malakoff going toward Dallas on Hwy 175. Raised my two daughters there until they were both in college. Cedar Creek Lake is really pretty.
Can't wait to meet you for lunch. Let me know via email where you want to meet. Let's exchange cell phone numbers via email, ok?